2 thoughts on “Nothing New About PRISM Disclosure

  1. The Brain Initiaitve is the great deception.Newport News Police and Virginia State Police are implanting citizens with a microchip that enables ubiquitous surveillance. In Safeguards in a World of Ambient Intelligence page 9 it describes seeing through your eyes what your brain sees, hearing what you hear and recording your thoughts. It starts like clicking noises until your brain is imprinted. They use technology like the audio spotlight by Holosonics to make people think they are hearing voices. Virginia State Trooper Jared Vance told my clients they use lasers and come through your electric meter router and it sounds like mumbling in the walls. They send signals to the microchip like a cell phone to a sim card. This fires the electricity in your body and fires off neurons in your brain. It makes your limbs jump and can put you in seizures. See Mental Health and Terrorism The Frailty of Psychology by Amid Gunt from Newfoundland University. They tase you into a state of excited delerium – National inst. of Justice. it makes you act like you wouldn’t normally – its torture. They put you in jail or a mental institution. If they go too far, people will act out like these recent gun shootings. All this to take away your right to bear arms. the police admit to these killings but tell me – no one will believe me. They are murderers.

    1. It’s not that I think you’re crazy (which I do), but I’d like you to show me proof, any proof, of a microchip implanted in someone’s brain. Ubiquitous surveillance? How? Okay, simple question, from where does it get its energy? Clicking noises? What causes that? ‘Virginia State Trooper Jard Vance told’ your clients… what kind of clients? Use lasers? For what? “Electric Meter Router”, pray tell, what is that? There is no such thing, please.

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