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Announcing an IO, SC, PD and Cyber Community Calendar

After an exhaustive search, I recognize there is no ‘community’ calendar for IO, SC, PD or Cyber, so I’m taking the lead.  Thank you to Bob King for the inspiration and the kick in my seat.

I’m standing up a community calendar for the IO, SC, PD and Cyber Communities since nobody has seen the need in recent times.  I choose to ignore the memo from OSD PA about SC, I’m driving on after reading Rosa Brooks’ article. Hopefully this calendar will become the “go to” site for deciding which events you will attend in this resource constrained environment.

Here is the URL: You can also find it at the top, right corner of the homepage at

Now I need your assistance.  Please circulate this request far and wide for input.

Please send me as much information about events in our communities, then Bob King and I will be putting a database together, as well as a front end.  In the meantime I will be handjamming it onto a text page…  I recognize some events do not ‘finalize’ until the last few months, but please send me as much information as you may as soon as possible.  If dates change, let us know.  If the event is cancelled, let us know.

Please include:

  • Name of event with URL
  • Date(s)
  • Host
  • POC info
  • Venue name
  • Address

Here is the address where the calendar is located!  It’s a community resource.

Any suggestions?  Feel free to send them to me.