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Speech: Providing Information to Communications Denied Areas

A speech given by Ambassador Brian Carlson to the AOC Capitol Club on October 25th, 2012 at the Town Hall meeting at the Sheraton in Pentagon City, Virginia.

Speech based on an to-be-published article about the United States Public Diplomacy efforts.  The article is based on the personal and professional experience of Ambassador Brian Carlson and research by Joel Harding.

Biographical information on the speaker, Ambassador Brian Carlson:

An experienced public diplomacy specialist and a former Career Minister in the United States Foreign Service, Brian Carlson advises on strategic communication and public diplomacy. For three years, as the State Department’s liaison with the Department of Defense on strategic communication and public diplomacy, he engineered closer cooperation between diplomats and military officers. He was awarded the Joint Meritorious Civilian Service Award by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in May, 2010. Carlson served 36 years in the Foreign Service, including as the Ambassador to the Republic of Latvia 2001-2005. Other postings abroad took him to Spain, England, Norway, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Venezuela. Ambassador Carlson has led inspection teams for the Inspector General in the Middle East and Washington and was an author of the 2008 Defense Science Board study of public diplomacy and strategic communication. He is a director of the Public Diplomacy Council, the U.S. Baltic Foundation and the Mountain Runner Institute. Frequently he speaks on public policy matters at the National Defense University, the Air and Army War Colleges, and the National Foreign Affairs Training Center as well as before public and civic groups.

Well worth watching!

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  1. On a related theme, there was an excellent presentation by Nathaniel Kretchum from Intermedia on MOEs for communications with denied areas at the recent AOC conference in Honolulu – I believe there are links to his presentation via the AOC/IOI website.

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