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Defence IQ Blogging Awards

Some weeks ago I was informed this blog, To Inform is to Influence, was nominated for a Defence IQ Blogging award, today I received the notification I was

on the “shortlist” of finalists.

This blog initially got off to a rocky start. was about to “go dark” because Matt Armstrong had accepted a government job, so I agreed to cover Public Diplomacy in his absence.  Late last year Matt’s office was closed down by an act of congress, so his blog is running again, but I have continued covering PD, it’s related and fascinating.

My writing style has changed dramatically.  Initially I wrote in the fashion I typically have written my entire life, in tediously detailed tomes. I was repeatedly asked to shorten my articles.   Typically my blogs were 1,500 words, that just was how I wrote.  Now, my blogs are between 500 and 1,000 words.

I teach a graduate course on Information Operations and I am writing a new textbook, many of my topics coincidence with subjects in the book…  but I try to change the subject as often as possible.

I also waited three or more days between blogs.  But there were so many great subjects that can and should be included in a blog on IO, anything from Information Operations in general, to cyber, to psychological operations/MISO, to Operations Security, to deception, to propaganda, public diplomacy and strategic communication. Now I can knock out three or four blogs a day.  Some might say I write them in my sleep and I might agree.

My perspective regarding various parts of IO have changed, often daily. If I would ever meet the ‘me’ from 15 years ago, I probably wouldn’t recognize what I was saying as what I now think is IO. Coming to grips with the concept of strategic versus tactical IO, alone, is sobering. Read my book, you’ll see.

I am honored to be nominated along with other blogs that I have been reading for many years.  Here is the entire list so that you might visit them all, a new resource list!

Information Operations

Cyber (Security, Warfare, Strategy)

Counter Terrorism

Maritime Security

Regional Defence

Defence Industry

The Defence IQ panel will now convene to choose a winner in each category.


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