SECDEF to National Security Advisor: “Shut the F… Up!”

According to an unnamed source, then Secretary of Defence Robert Gates left a meeting before the end, called for his car, drove to the White House, walked in without calling ahead and without an appointment.

SECDEF Gates then walked into the National Security Advisor’s,  office, that of Tom Donilon.   Regarding disclosures about the Usama bin Laden raid in Pakistan, Gates said “I have a new strategic communication approach to recommend.” Donilon asked what he recommended.  Gates responded “Shut the Fuck up!”

I  received confirmation of this story from the Weekly Standard, here.  What the Weekly Standard did not disclose was that the door to the National Security Adviser’s office was open, allowing White House staff members to listen.

Mr. Secretary, congratulations for chewing out the National Security Adviser.  Unfortunatelly not everybody was listening.


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  1. Carelessness, arrogance, and ignorance characterize these so-called leaks…same shit…different day…

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