Information operations

This is what you do!

I recently posted a poll asking what you, the readers, do for a living. Here are the answers.   I would say we have a very good spread of readership.  I cleaned up the chart a little bit to make it more readable, here is a percentage breakdown.  I’ll continue posting polls and surveys as time goes on.

What I think is really neat is that we have a good spread of expertise in our readership, there was no field left empty and we had four additional categories.

Fairchild Mill Grindstone
Grindstone (as in hard work?) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What questions do YOU have for readers?

What is your area of expertise in Information Operations, Strategic Communication, Public Diplomacy, Public Affairs, Marketing, Advertising, etc?

Answer Percent
General Information Operations/Information Warfare 12%
Military Information Support Operations aka Psychological Operations 9%
IO Planning 9%
Strategic Communications 9%
Intelligence 7%
Public Relations 6%
Public Diplomacy 5%
Cyber Offense 5%
Strategic Communication 4%
Military Deception 4%
Other (see below) 4%
Cyber Defense 4%
Operations Security 4%
Electronic Warfare 4%
Atmospherics 4%
Polling, surveys, sensing 4%
Public Affairs 3%
Marketing/Advertising 3%
Cyber Intelligence 2%
Other Answers
Education & Training
Military contracting
Threat IO
Market Operations