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Like, oh my gosh, it’s cyber!

Canada Goose (Branta canadensis) in Morro Bay,...
Canada Goose (Branta canadensis) in Morro Bay, CA 10 of 14 (Photo credit: mikebaird)

It is 12:30 am, way past the witching hour, and I’m just returning from Toronto, Canada.  For the past two days I’ve been involved in a really neat discussion of how cyber affects a whole slew of topics like human rights and how cyber war can be more strategic.  Check out:  By name, invitation only event, my second time.  This was just so cool.  The multiple receptions and meals were put on by some very big name sponsors such as Google and Microsoft and they really made everything really nice.

REALLY neat.

Imagine sitting down with many or most of your favorite cyber “heroes” and just having a great conversation. That is what this conference is all about.  Dr. Ron Deibert.  Dr. Rafal Rohozinski.  Nart Villaneve.  Dr. James Lewis.  Dr. Julie Ryan. Melissa Hathaway.  Michele Markoff and Dr. John Mallory.

Geez. We were all stuck in the airport, Toronto, Pearson, together.  Great bunch.

Shout out to David Millian.  You traveled all the way from Montreal to meet me? I am humbled. Great breakfast, thanks!

Postscript: I would be negligent to not include Jody Westby, Esq. Jody brought the audience practically to its feet at one point during the conference with a hard hitting statement.  Because of Chatham House rules I am not allowed to share; suffice it to say she is my newest hero.

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  1. Thanks, David, and apologies for misspelling your name. Our breakfast together was the start of a very, very, very long and productive day.

    Another shocker… all my heroes were on the same plane and all of us were close together in Economy Class. Yes, sometimes those you admire the most are just, merely and undoubtedly human.

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