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It’s a Wired, Wired, Wired, Wired World

Cover of "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World...
Cover of It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Yesterday I had lunch with my parents and my sister and her husband, who were visiting from Pennsylvania and Hawaii.  I sent them directions to the restaurant where we met at my sister’s request but she ignored them and used Bing to get ‘real directions’. Hah, my human brain is much better than Bing and the directions took them the wrong way. That’s also why I use Google Maps, which allows me to easily change the route. So, in explaining the directions to my sister and mother once we sat down together, I whipped out my iPhone and brought up the Map icon, spreading my fingers across the screen to zoom in and pinching them to zoom out.  My father, however, is a self-professed luddite who avoids anything that even smells like a computer. He’s the smartest person I know and he can analyze the most complicated things in seconds, so it’s not the complexity, I believe he just wants life to remain simple.

Then my sister got a phone call and had to look up some information on her smart phone at the same time.  Then she shared a video of her daughter and granddaughter by playing it on her iPad. Wow, the clarity and sound were just phenomenal.

In the two preceding paragraphs we used laptop computers to look up and share information, smart phones to converse and look up more information and an iPad to share information. The only thing missing was a Bluetooth earpiece which allow some seemingly intelligent people to walk around and have conversations with invisible partners, oops, I mean it allows them to converse without wires.

Then today I received an update email from my friend Bob Gourley about his blog, a piece was written by guest author Alex Olesker entitled “We’re already Cyborgs“.  Alex was traveling through Munich on his way to Tashkent and was bemoaning the lack of WiFi in the airport and went on to realize how connected we are.  We have access to Gigawads of information, we can do fact checking on the fly, much of our world exists through the internet.

The other day I saw a commercial where a mother is chatting with her son using her smart phone video chat function and adjusts the lights in her home simultaneously.  I’ve already seen how one can control other utilities at home remotely and I actually do most of my banking right on my iPhone.

I recently went to London and my carrier’s phones don’t work on a GSM network and WiFi wasn’t ubiquitous.  I felt lost.

I recently had lunch with a friend and accidentally left my iPhone in my motorcycle, a beautiful Honda Goldwing with a phenomenal sound system, I use the iPod function in my iPhone to listen to music while riding.  I kept reaching for my iPhone during that lunch to look up people’s contact information, to access a recent email, to send somebody a text message, to check my calendar… but I didn’t have it and… felt lost.

My neighbors must think I’m crazy. Whenever I mow the lawn I wear hearing protection but I slip my earbuds inside the hearing protection, the tunes make this chore enjoyable.  I mow my lawn, and three of my neighbor’s lawns, just because it’s a neighborly thing to do. Sometimes I get a phone call, which pauses the iPod and allows me to answer the phone right there.  While mowing.  When I was growing up I remember mowing the lawn and my mother having to step outside and wave her arms to get my attention, “The phone! You have a phone call!”.  Oh, and we had a rotary dial phone. But now I’m wired.

Yes, “It’s a Wired, Wired, Wired, Wired World”

Apologies and thanks to the 1963 Stanley Kramer film, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World for the title of today’s Saturday off-topic blog piece.

3 thoughts on “It’s a Wired, Wired, Wired, Wired World

  1. I have iPod and Blackberry, but I don’t use iPhone. I always treat “ipxx” as a music player, rather than a phone. I use iPod anywhere and anytime except it is not to be allowed(eg attending a meeting). Just as you said, “the tunes make this chore enjoyable”. So I am enjoying my iPod times, which is a milestone product.
    I prefer iPad than iPhone, I can accept an tablet, but could’t tolerance an iPod with telephone function. Blackberry seems to be a real cell phone.
    Beside these, I would gave my best wished to Steve Jobs, who is really a man seeking for perfect.

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