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Resurrecting the Press Release? (via Theory N’ Practice)

In a few years press releases may be a thing of the past. Before we get there, however, the mainstream media will need to monitor tweets more than press releases. They will have to accept a certain amount of not knowing the whole story, they will have to accept less than reliable sources, they will have to fine tune who they ‘follow’ in the world of twitter. Conventional news sources are getting burned, badly, by social media, yet they still serve a purpose for more professional and reliable news sources. The author speaks the truth, I believe.

Resurrecting the Press Release? 3 years ago I proclaimed to a public relations class that the press release could see its virtual end in a few years, thanks to Twitter. My proof? This post from journalist Tom Foremski, and the fact that Twitter accomplishes better what the Press Release is designed to do: Get the news out quickly and concisely. Now, don't get me wrong, getting your story to the local, regional, national and even global press will never vanish. Press agentry is … Read More

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