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Iran prepares for cyberwar

You know you’re a good target when someone hacks your website. Last year a website I was running for a conference on information warfare was hacked.  Rather, I should say, it was defaced.  In my indelicate words, someone got onto the website and exchanged my main HTML page with theirs.  It was the Iranian Cyber Army, they left their calling card (along with some funky looking Iranian furling flag). Sadly, since I no longer work there I don’t have a screen save…

Now, most people would freak out at this point and say “Somebody hacked my website” and run around with my figurative hair on fire!  An insecure boss would say “Fix it, fix it now!” and I’d have to explain the host has backup tapes (mirror) and will bring the site back on line, scrubbing the bad code out and re-inserting the good code.  Then I need to hold them accountable to updating their software to prevent another exploit using the same defect…   This incident served to sensitize me to Iran, with their typical blowhard bravado and their indelicate zealotry.

Now, fast forward to 2011 and the Iranians are responding to Israel forming a cyber command and here, the Iranians did it too and here!

Personally, I have respect for the Iranian people, they have an aggressive educational program.  But I’m not sure Iran has the wherewithal to put together such a sophisticated program that not only advertises they will take down their direct competitors in Israel.  Israel allegedly built Stuxnet and successful bridged the air gap into the Iranian nuclear program (as well as hundreds of thousands of other computers worldwide), I just don’t think Iran has the patience to plan, train and equip a competitive program.

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