Six tips to deal with uncertainty
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We live in extremely uncertain times, and have lost control over many important things in our lives – but experts say it’s still possible to find peace in lockdown.

As the days blur together and news continues to roll out about the long-term impact of the coronavirus crisis, uncertainty about our health, finances and future is at an all-time high. But rather than resign to the anxiety, psychologists and wellness experts say there are ways to hack your thoughts and achieve relative peace of mind – even during lockdown.

For starters, Tama Kieves, a career coach and author, says that when our minds begin to go crazy with questions, it can be helpful to stop the spiral with a bit of logic. Admitting you don’t have all the answers can be an avenue to catharsis, and the first step in being kinder to yourself amid any social or professional paralysis.

Another way to stay ahead of your own negative thoughts is to focus on a few of your central values, especially when you feel yourself begin to panic, according to neuroscientist Marwa Azab. By holding tight to these values and allowing them to guide our actions, rather than simply reacting to the amount of anxiety we feel each day, we can build up a tolerance to the uncertainty.

Learn more about the six tips from experts in the video above.

This video originally appeared in BBC Reel’s How to Be Wise, a series depicting inspiring concepts for improving your life.

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