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Who is this?

January 25, 2015

Here is a video of Mariupol, in which I stumbled across a non-Russian speaker. ht to mj

To me he sounds British.

Now what in the hell is a British guy doing in Mariupol, Ukraine, in full combat garb, looking  like a Russian?

Except he doesn’t.

Look at the pants.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 6.50.12 PM

Look at the jacket. Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 6.29.29 PM

A different view now.

I don’t think they’re Russian.

The only equipment which is absolutely Russian is the weapon.

The magazine vest looks like a Russian vest but the camouflage doesn’t look quite right.

Here is the video:

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 6.25.16 PM


Pro-Russian In Mariupol Got Exactly What She Asked For

January 25, 2015

Mariupol separatist Olga Abdurashitova. © Photo from “VKontakte”

Olga Abdurashitova, Ukrainian resident of Mariupol, and a big fan of the “Russian world”, had tearfully asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to introduce troops into Ukraine on her page on the social network “VKontakte” on June 10, 2014.

Putin has heard her request and helped her.

Yesterday, 24 January 2015, she was killed in the explosive impact of a rocket launched from a GRAD Russian multiple launch rocket system that the Russians fired upon the civilian areas of her city.

Ukrainian blogger Fedor Kulikov found the name/ID of this pro-Russian separatist in the list of those killed in the recent shelling of Mariupol. The Russians came as she requested.

The remains of the “Russian World” fan were found after the shelling on Kyivska street, near the Kyiv market in Mariupol. Most probably, she went to the market to buy food, Ukrainian food of course. Life can be quite cruel, but sometimes it can also be just, ironic, and karmic. ‘She got what she asked for’, Fedor Kulikov commented on his FB page.

Yes, Olga, when Russians invade, they really don’t care who they kill.

(Translated from Russian by my Chrome browser)

Breakaway from Mariupol killed Russian ”Castle “

Ukrainian resident of Mariupol, a big fan of the “Russian world”, Olga Abdurashitova as recently as June 10 on her page on the social network “VKontakte” tearfully asked the Russian president Vladimir Putin to introduce troops into Ukraine. Yesterday, 24 January, she was killed in the explosion of a shell of the Russian system of volley fire “Grad” from which the Russian occupants fired her city. Found a pro-Russian separatists in the list of those killed in the shelling and found it entertaining match Ukrainian blogger Fedor Kulikov .

- Life is only cruel, but also, no doubt, is true, – he wrote on his page on Facebook. - June 10 citizen Abdurashitova tearfully and hysterically asked Putin to Ukraine to introduce troops at “VKontakte”. She literally flowed poison of hatred for everything Ukrainian. As a result, Russian troops actually entered, and 24 January citizen killed during the shelling Abdurashitova Mariupol systems “Grad”. Perhaps someone will talk about a certain symbolism, that it is not necessary to wake famously until it quiet, but I would advise not yet marked Rogue God only one thing: be careful with their requests.

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the corpse “of all lovers of Russian” was discovered after the bombing of Mariupol on the streets of Kiev near Kiev with the same market. Apparently, she went there for food – of course, Ukrainian.

Fragment list of the dead

We checked the page Olga Abdurashitova in the social network “VKontakte” . The probability that the deceased was another woman (eg namesake) is virtually absent: first, all the data are identical, except for the year of birth: it is obvious that the social network has decided separatist “rejuvenate” exactly 10 years.Secondly – Page Olga Abdurashitova literally dazzles outpouring of love to the “Russian world” anti-Ukrainian and appeals. Finally, in the third, the last time Abdurashitova came to your page on January 21 at 17:48 – before firing Mariupol Russian systems of volley fire “Grad”. Over it in the social network did not appear.However, there is on the wall and condolences, because the page was shut down for the records of other users at a time when anti-Ukrainian Abdurashitova accused of appeals.

Yesterday, January 25, the Russian troops stationed in Ukraine under the guise of “militia DNR” fired district east of the city of Mariupol of MLRS “Grad” . As of today, January 25, as a result, killing 30 civilians, including children, and about 100 people were injured. Originally reported 10 dead and 46 wounded, but updated figures were much worse.


Graham Phillips – Russia’s and Putin’s propagandist

January 25, 2015

Graham Phillips – Russian Propagandist


I don’t take issue with anyone from Ukraine exposing a Russian propagandist, not at all.

But saying someone is a Russian propagandist does not make one so. It might be the truth, but without proof, it’s just an opinion.  Here is an excerpt from the below article accusing Graham Phillips of being a Russian Propagandist.  Notice, no links to any articles showing proof of the accusations.

  1. He took up Arms, it is not even A propagandist, he Became A Russian Terrorist.
  2. He wears A Military Uniform of the Russian Army.
  3. He is A Friend of the Russian Aggressors.
  4. He advertises Child soldiers.
  5. He ideological Friend One Russian chauvinist and Anti -Semites.
  6. He’s A Friend Russian international Terrorists

These are wonderful and sensational charges against Graham Phillips, and I have no doubt many, if not most, are true.  But what he is doing is not illegal.

The fact that he is a propagandist is the charge I am focusing on.  It uses the word “propaganda”, which has a different meaning to everyone.  Unfortunately THE best expert on propaganda, Phil Taylor, of the UK, passed away.  The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum had a wonderful display about propaganda and the curator had a great working definition, that went roughly: A broad presentation of highly negative features of a (group of people) based on a kernel of truth.  I really distorted his definition to make it fit here, but it works. Okay, that being said… And there are many kinds of propaganda; let me focus on what we are mostly seeing being dumped on us by Russia.

The worst kind of propaganda is a lie.  In my opinion, Russian propagandists do it best. They take a smidgen of truth (a highly technical term), turn it upside down, and fart out a mistruth, a lie. Feel free to quote me on that and please, feel free to distort that one word, which wasn’t my original thought.

I would say the best way to expose a propagandist is to show three things.  One, the kernel of truth which is being used. Second, the lie. Third, a comprehensive explanation of the truth. Posting this information once will not bring a propagandist down, but a compilation of his or their lies just might do the trick.

So, to finish this thought, Phillips is being accused of making stuff up, perhaps with the occasional nugget of truth (inserted where the sun doesn’t shine), and then he broadcasts it on Star or RT.  Therefore, I put to you, dear reader, a challenge.

Send me comments by Graham Phillips that contains: one, the kernel of truth he’s using. Two, the lie. Three, the truth.  One can be tiny, while three is more comprehensive. Perhaps you might include a fourth part, showing how the truth and his lies are different.

I’ll put them in a spreadsheet and send it to anyone wanting to help.  Together we’ll see if we can send that to enough people to make a case against him, embarrass him and make it impossible for his to show his face without being labeled a bad journalist, a liar, guilty of perjury, and a dirty propagandist.

(Translated from Russian by my Chrome browser)

This British citizen working for the Russian state propaganda channel “Star” and “Russia Today”.He brazenly lying about Ukraine, he is deceiving his readers on Facebook. How can it be that a British citizen is involved in Putin’s false propaganda against Ukraine?

He demonstrates on his Facebook corpses of people he enjoys it, he extends a special anti-Ukrainian false propaganda created by the Russian (aggressor Putin) state media.

He took up Arms, it is not even A propagandist, he Became A Russian Terrorist.
He wears A Military Uniform of the Russian Army.
He is A Friend of the Russian Aggressors.
He advertises Child soldiers.
He ideological Friend One Russian chauvinists and Anti -Semites.
He’s A Friend Russian international Terrorists

Is that enough?

British intelligence agencies are obliged to do everything possible to arrest the man, and a comprehensive investigation of his activities.

Terrorist Graham Phillips


Charlie Hebdo – The Russian Empire strikes back

January 24, 2015

by Pascale Combelles Siegel

You would think that Vladimir who has been fighting an Islamist insurgency in the Caucasus for decades would have among the last of world leaders to stick it to the French. Well, you would be wrong.  In an obvious payback for the French’s positions on Crimea and Ukraine, Putin has unleashed his crafty propagandists to lambast Charlie Hebdo and the French government for the double attacks that rocked the satirical magazine (12 dead), Montrouge (1 dead), and the Kosher supermarket in Vincennes (4 dead).

Act 1 took place when Jean-Marie Le Pen, the ex-leader of the ultra nationalist right-wing party National Front, simply accused the French intelligence services of having played a role in the attack on Charlie Hebdo. It is worth recalling here that the Front National has largely been outplayed by the rest of the political class. Its leaders were not invited to the Marche Républicaine that followed the attack and were crowded out of the French media space. Well, in the era of globalization, Le Pen found space in Russia, all too happy to oblige. Le Pen explained that now “the terrorists are just idiots and that’s why they left their ID cards in their car.” He went further saying that it reminded him of the plane that caught fire on 9/11 but in the wreckage of which we found one of the passports of one of the terrorists. He concluded that the attacks “bears the hallmark of the [French] intelligence services.”
Act 2 took place in Grozny when pro-Russian president Ramzan Kadyrow authorized tens of thousands of Chechens to take the streets to denounce the newest edition of Charlie Hebdo, which featured a caricature of the Prophet crying under the banner “everything is forgiven). The footage was perfect. Kadyrow cast himself in the role of the brave and noble defender of the faith, denouncing “the vulgarity, immorality and lack of decency and culture of those who caricature the Prophet (may peace be upon him) and further warning: “We will not tolerate any other similar act.”  The Russian TV feeds, widely broadcast in the West, also featured a nice looking middle-aged woman, wearing a colorful veil, explaining that such acts were contrary to common decency and hurtful to Muslims around the world and in Chechnya. The message was simple: the voice of respect, tolerance, moderation, and reason is in Chechnya. Of course, in today’s Russia, no one gets to demonstrate unless it fits the political priorities of the day. That one was telling…
For the sake of the Russian people, let’s hope their bosses’ pandering will not boomerang…


Pascale Combelles Siegel
Insight Through Analysis, LLC
LinkedIN:  •

Sputnik News: Selective Coverage

January 24, 2015

Okay, riddle me this.  Why would Sputnik cover news of a demonstration in Germany in their English version but not on their German page?

Germans Protest Against Americanization of West but no counterpart in their German version.

We have verification the event happened.

I guessed

  • Increase the anxiety in the Americans stationed in Germany?
  • NATO?
  • EU?
  • Divide and conquer?  I know this is always true…
  • To prevent fact checking?
  • Reduce shrieks against Sputnik?

Who knows. Ideas?

Review – NATO StratCom COE Report – Analysis of Russia’s Information Campaign against Ukraine

January 24, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 5.04.39 PMNATO StratCom Center of Excellence released a report on the Information War between Russian and Ukraine. Analysis of Russia’s Information Campaign against Ukraine

Overall, the report was very good.  I can’t say great, because the writing was not that great.  I frequently got the feeling the report was composed in another language, translated electronically and the editor was also a non-native English speaker.

Putting the English aside, the report was beyond good.  It was great.  Sure, I didn’t agree with the subjects stuck way back in the Annexes, I think they should be up front, serving as a basis for the reader to really understand Russian Information Warfare.  I just taught a class on Russian IW and almost every single subject in the Annexes I pitched up front in my class.  I told the class they must understand these basics of Russian warfare, not just Information Warfare and the students seemed to appreciate that approach.

I especially liked the fact that the report picked up on Reflexive Control, which is a basic tent of all Soviet and now Russian military planning, at all levels.  The best report on Reflexive Control is by Tim Thomas: Russia’s Reflexive Control Theory and the Military.

Many of the author’s perspectives seemed to be derived straight from Tim Thomas’ excellent book, “Recasting the Red Star“. I strongly encourage you, gentle readers, to also read this book in addition to this report.  You will forever be blessed by reading both books.

I found one very interesting phrase in the title of the report: “Information Campaign”.  I have had long and heated discussions about the use of that particular phrase.  Purists say no.  I agree with the phrase in the title of this report.

This is where I feel the report fell just a touch short of where it should have gone. As a result of South Ossetia, a call went out for papers on how to fix the IW problem in Russia.  Notice I did not say in the Russian military, this is Russian IW, not IO. Recasting the Red Star does a pretty good job of covering possible Russian IW structures and I believe one of them was followed, almost to a T.  Including this in the report might give more clarity as to how this amazingly complex and sophisticated IW campaign was fought with the ‘military’ as a supporting player.  Okay, ‘Green men’, ‘Polite men’, rebels, separatists, mercenaries, choose your poison.  Then look at how tightly Putin and Lavrov have been a major part of this Russian Information War.  They lie, they cheat, they steal, they lie again – consistently, yet somehow they emerge on the far side of every crisis only a little bit scratched up.

Someone asked me today how I compare US IO to Russian IW.  I pointed them to this report. This report is what they need to read to understand Russian IW.  I didn’t include my pet phrase from my class, however.  I told my students that IO is mostly based on the truth, whereas Russian IW, from an IO perspective, can only be understood if one stands on their head and attempts to look out their ear.  This report doesn’t quite say this but it does give one directions how to look out one’s ear…

As for the report’s composition, it followed the outline for my class almost freakishly close. In my class I got into a lot more detail than in the report, I have a feeling the author was space constrained.  Don’t forget, this is a military organization.  “Son, keep it down to 48 pages!”  This should honestly be an 800 page book.  NATO StratCom COE, if you want it, I’ve started on my version, but you’ll have to pay for my time.

The report starts out slowly but by the middle, the details begin pounding away, I had a difficult time putting it down.  It was that enticing at times!

I read it at night, my days were consumed.  I caution you, if you read it on an iPad in bed, it does not format well at times.  Read it on a computer, get up early, lazy bones.

Bottom line

If you have an interest in Russian Information Warfare, this is a must read.

Nadia Savchenko has Diplomatic Immunity – January 26

January 24, 2015

Who wants to bet the Russians won’t recognize her diplomatic immunity?

A good friend, fh, said this:

No chance Putin lets her go. First: Releasing her would be a huge boost to Ukraine’s morale. Not something Putin wants right now. He has his boot on Ukraine’s face and he’s grinding it into the dirt (in his mind, anyway). Second, this is personal for him. Because that’s how he rolls. Third, what could he possibly gain by releasing her? Finally, there are no negative consequences for him holding onto her.

Also: The claim that RUS “has” to release her b/c of diplomatic immunity is spurious on legal grounds. RUS lawyers will argue that she did not have diplomatic immunity at the time of her alleged (okay, FABRICATED) crimes.

Nadia Savchenko to obtain diplomatic immunity on January 26, Russia will have to let her go

The Russian authorities will have to release Batkivschyna faction MP, Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko, as on January 26 she will be granted international diplomatic immunity as a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), Batkivschyna party leader Yulia Tymoshenko has said.

“When on January 26, the authority of Ukrainian delegation to PACE is confirmed and Savchenko becomes a full PACE member on January 26, she will be granted an international diplomatic immunity,” Tymoshenko said at a press conference in Kyiv on Wednesday.

The Batkivschyna leader noted that there was a basic agreement on privileges and immunities of the Council of Europe, Article 15 of which says that PACE representatives and their deputies are immune from being arrested and legally prosecuted in the territories of all member states. “This agreement has been ratified by the Russian Federation on February 23, 1996 and Russia has to observe this agreement,” she noted.

Tymoshenko noted that on January 26 Batkivschyna’s delegation would be near the Moscow prison in which Savchenko is kept. In addition, the faction’s representatives together, with Savchenko’s sister Vira, will attend the PACE session.

The Batkivschyna leader believes that if Russia once again ignores international law, only much stricter sanctions against Russia can influence the situation. “I sincerely hope that Ukraine will finally start implementing just as strong sanctions against Russia as well. For now, it’s not happening unfortunately,” she added.

In turn, Vira Savchenko noted that hunger strike is the only way for her sister to protest. Nadia Savchenko protests against not only her imprisonment but Russia’s aggression against Ukraine as well. Vira Savchenko said that she had seen her sister recently and that Nadia had lost a lot of weight. “Her consistent weight has always been 75-78 kilos, right now her weight is 60 kilos,” she said.

Vira Savchenko urged all politicians who represent Ukraine in the world to fight for the fate of Nadia Savchenko and other Ukrainian citizens who are currently held in Russian prisons.

It was reported earlier that Savchenko, a 33-year-old pilot, was fighting with the Aidar volunteer battalion in eastern Ukraine when she was captured by militants in June near the town of Schastia, a suburb of Luhansk. It was stated on July 8 that she was being held at the Voronezh pre-trial detention facility in Russia.

On July 9, Russia indicted her for complicity in murder. Savchenko has rejected all charges. Ukraine is demanding her release.

Savchenko went on a hunger strike on December 15, in response to the prison’s failure to provide her with medical care. She has lost some hearing since being imprisoned.

Savchenko was number one on Batkivschyna party election list during the parliamentary elections on October 26, 2014. On November 19, the Central Election Commission registered her as an MP.

On December 25, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a parliamentary address to international organizations and inter-parliamentary assemblies regarding the release of Savchenko, which also noted that she was included in the Verkhovna Rada’s delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Granting diplomatic status to Savchenko will mean that Russia can no longer detain her legally.



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