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Russia: Following classic recipe for misinformation

October 20, 2014

A beautiful Swedish article about the alleged Russian submarine which is sunk in Swedish waters and cannot surface.  The Russians, of course, deny any Russian submarine is in peril. According to, however, Russian Nuclear Submarine Dmitri Donskoi is disabled and cannot surface.

What follows below is the Swedish article (originally in Swedish) about the downed submarine.  Simultaneously, the Russians deny this is happening.

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Following classic recipe for misinformation

Published October 20, 2014 18:52

Previously we have seen it during the Crimean crisis and the war in Georgia. Now the Russian disinformation prove also in terms of the ongoing Swedish intelligence operation against foreign submarine activity in the Stockholm archipelago.
Several Russian TV channels and news agencies reported – with great concurrency – the submarine that Sweden is seeking Dutch.

The data follow a classic recipe for misinformation.

When talking about Russian operational art, that is how Russia conducts military operations, one can say that it always largely relied on misinformation and misdirection. Misdirection can be simply said to be the military term for scams, where the aim is to draw the opponent’s full attention to a phenomenon, while you yourself carry out another operation.
You mix a bit of truth with a lot of fiction and happy in a way that will strike the receiver.
In this case, with the message that “we want to spare the Swedish taxpayers the cost of the search for a submarine.” We know that the money to defense classically has been a sensitive issue in Sweden.

One example is how Russia in August managed to make the world just over a week to be completely focused on the country’s aid convoy to the eastern Ukraine, while simultaneously went in with regular Russian troops and managed to turn the war.
Russia has not only greatly upprustat recent years. It has also been very purposefully reformed their operational art which now even more emphasis on information warfare and subversive activities that complement the classic military means, combined with a focus on acting in the gray area between peace and war.
The focus on information warfare is not really surprising considering how the media landscape has developed over the past two decades. News spread quickly and social media have got it already rapid progress to be lightning fast.
It is also an experience of the war in Georgia. The days before the war started, according to an American research flown into the fifties Russian journalists to South Ossetia. During the fight, they used simultaneously cyber warfare to limit the Georgian authorities and the media’s ability to communicate with the outside world. The experience of Georgia, we have over the past year seen translated in the Crimea and eastern Ukraine. Right from the beginning there were Russian journalists on the spot and could report the Russian version of what happened and got a strong impact in the Western media.

For Putin, it was important to consolidate power over the Russian media. Already in the early 00’s, the Kremlin had taken control of the main television channels and newspapers, often by operating out of its previous owners. Today has been an almost total dominance when it comes to reporting on the important topics.
By also be able to send the same basic message through multiple channels and newspapers, where every editorial adds its own nuance, creating an illusion to that of the verified information. All channels are reporting on the same event and about the same data and then it must surely be true, it becomes unconscious reaction.
PhD student Oscar Jonsson at British King’s College tend to refer to it as we succeed in creating a critical mass of information flow. The internationally renowned Russian polling institute Levada issued a report this summer that over 90 percent of the Russian population has Russian television as their main news source, and when the Kremlin controls the channels become Jonsson’s conclusion correct.
In Sweden we are skilled at using the internet to retrieve news and information. Internet, however, is not nearly as developed in Russia and Levada survey, it is only one per cent of respondents who read the news on foreign sites. To shape domestic opinion seems thus to be relatively simple.

An interesting example is the Russian Night Wolves motorcycle gang that President Putin repeatedly been seen riding a motorcycle with. Night Wolves leader, called the “surgeon”, has performed with Putin several times. Every summer organizing a Night Wolves motorcycle show where the first half is a historic theme as the depiction of a Russian type, such as Stalingrad, and the other half is a pure display of motorcycles and stunts.
This year, the show was performed in the naval port of Sevastopol on the Crimean annexation and was broadcast live and was referenced in the national state television. The theme for this year was the war of liberation of Ukraine, where the show starts to a number of motorcycles driving through the bow door on a Russian country Journal vessels. Then you start with a very lavish spectacle that almost reminiscent of an Olympic opening ceremony in ambition to reproduce a version of Majdankravallerna and then firefights between Ukrainian Nazi government forces and valiant freedom fighters – with real Russian tanks and assault rifles.
All abstracts of “Surgeon” from the mast of a Russian warship and accompanied by various music. The Fund sees two hands from which it is possible threads. On a finger sees the American national emblem and occasionally heard recordings of political speeches, including that of Hitler. The symbolism can not be mistaken. Ukrainians are Nazis who controlled from the United States and Europe. State co-ordination of information warfare can not be missed when military resources are used in a political drama that is broadcast live on nationwide television.

With international opinion, it is more difficult. There started Russia in the mid-00’s television channel Russia Today, today best known as RT. It was Russia’s version of CNN, Al-Jazeera and Chinese CCTV. RT has had a major impact in the West, and the other year was the second largest foreign news channel in the United States by the BBC.
RT has been controlled by the Russian state news agency RIA Novosti, but has since year gone up in a larger group called Rossiya Sevodnja (Russia today) under the direction of the Kremlin and media person Dmitry Kiseljev, known for his outbursts against Carl Bildt, in his television programs.

The recipe for the RT has been the same as for many other news channels. A very nice production and employment of young eloquent mainly American and British journalists who presented the channel’s message, focused mainly on events in the United States and Europe – often with defeatist elements riots and social problems.
RT has been the spearhead of the global Russian media effort during the Crimean War and the crisis in Ukraine. It has also meant that many have become aware of the channel’s real agenda.
Even during the occupation of Crimea ended one of the channel’s most famous anchor in a spectacular live broadcast, where she explained that she could no longer stand for this perversion of journalism. After shooting down of MH17 ended another RT journalist and stated straight out that RT only published lies about the incident and after the final manuscript. Apparently, the man in the Kremlin very pleased with how RT has worked because it has recently decided to increase funding by over 40 percent in 2015.

The “little green men” and MH17 are the clearest examples of Russia made use of disinformation and information warfare the past year. During the occupation of the Crimea there appeared “little green men” in the form of well-disciplined and well-equipped troops without dressing marks or other signs.

They wore the latest Russian military equipment that can only be found at the Russian special forces, but Russia and President Putin claimed in stone that they were only local and spontaneously composed concerned citizen groups who bought their equipment at a hardware store. It was the lies that everyone saw through, but the media in the West felt nonetheless compelled to render version.
A few weeks later, when the annexation was complete, President Putin confirmed that it has been of Russian soldiers. Interesting in this context is the medal since these soldiers were receiving, there back shows dates of operation as February 20 to March 18. On February 20, the day before Yanukovych fled Ukraine and until 26 February started the little green men appear in the Crimea, which attracted the attention of the Swedish military historian Lars Gyllenhaal.

In the case of MH17 was done by Russian media sent forth the most unbelievable story after another about what really happened with MH17. , it was NATO that had shot down the aircraft, it was the Ukrainian military, it was actually a CIA operation which age of the aircraft with frozen bodies before it was overthrown in Ukraine to blame Russia. Perhaps the most amazing version was that it actually moved it across the Indian Ocean lost MH370.
All stories utterly insane but created to represent both the noise and at the same time misleading. Independent Western media must take into account these reports and press releases and evaluate these as well as other information, which both takes time and effort while in some can manage to sow a seed of doubt. At this point had at least Western media learned of the occupation of the Crimea and occurred more dubious to the data. Even today, there are many that refer to some of the Russian versions, not least that a Ukrainian attack aircraft would have shot the aircraft, which is an absurdity I highlighted in a post on my blog.
The German intelligence service reported last week to the German parliament that it was pro-Russian forces shot down MH17, which has now been made to the German prosecution authorities launched an investigation into war crimes.

The revolution of social media in recent years has meant that it is far faster to disseminate information, but in the same way also misinformation. Social media is therefore a very rewarding tool for anyone wanting devoted himself to information warfare and an image or a video released on Twitter, for example, is difficult to verify.
Meanwhile, now the requirement that each user of social media must be able to apply the source-critical principles necessary to weed out misinformation. An example of this is the wild rumor that planted a Russian internet forums yesterday that a Russian nuclear-armed strategic missile submarine had sunk in the Stockholm archipelago. The rumor spread like wildfire and was reproduced also in the Polish state radio.
No one seemed to have laid a second to think about why this would be in the Baltic Sea or the submarine with over 20 meters unseen would have made it through the Sound where the depth is only 8 feet at the shallowest places.

As Peter Mattsson at the National Defence College complains in an interview with Svenska Dagbladet is now the Russian strategy for an inclusive society closest approach, where several government agencies subordinated to the General Staff .
Everything is aimed at coordinating the State resources for the best possible success in international relations where military means can be said to be just one of a number, in combination with information operations, diplomacy and economic means. The more coordinated you are, the easier it has been to play in the gray zone between war and peace as they exercised in Ukraine, where you are constantly trying to maintain the doubt about the direct Russian involvement. Meanwhile, the man deftly navigated in both the diplomatic and the economic sphere. The Russian motsanktionerna has specifically met EU countries where the economy is more dependent on trade with Russia and Russian-controlled media has been reporting on the protests and demonstrations against the sanctions against Russia.

It is important to point out that it is in no way confirmed that Russia is behind the suspected foreign submarine operations in the Stockholm archipelago. However, the Russian information warfare and the way it is used both to domestic and international public opinion well worth studying, not least given the way it has been used in the past year around Ukraine.
In Sweden we are today highly vulnerable to information warfare. It was not surprising to see some Swedish media reproduce the Russian Defense Ministry reports that it probably involved a Dutch submarine in the Stockholm archipelago. Regardless of the outcome, and the nationality of the submarine, there is every reason to revise the Swedish readiness to deal with misinformation and information warfare.
The portion of total defense that was doing just that, the Board of Psychological Defence phased 2008th Some tasks were taken over by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, but apparently there is potential for improvement both in this area and how the Swedish military general to handle warfare in the gray area where the powers is unclear from the information that is police (peace) and which are military (war).
A very sensitive area since Ådalen 1931, which created a Swedish touch horror of the subject and hence a vulnerability grateful to exploit an attacker.

Carl Bergqvist
Carl Bergqvist is a major in the Air Force since 2007 and runs the defense and security blog Wiseman’s Wisdoms leisure.

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Russian Scientist Dies in Ebola Accident at Former Weapons Lab

October 20, 2014

Russian Ebola Vaccine in Preclinical Trials – Where is it?

This is ten years old.

New York Times, May 25, 2004. Russian Scientist Dies in Ebola Accident at Former Weapons Lab.

Is Russia doing biological warfare research?  That’s illegal, right?

If not, why do they have live Ebola?

If not biological warfare research, is it a program to find a cure for Ebola, like creating a vaccine?  If so, why is Russia not contributing to the current crisis regarding Ebola?

Russia, time to confess.

Update: PUTIN OFFERS WHO EXPERIMENTAL EBOLA VACCINE.  It looks like the Russians developed a vaccine, hooray!

Update to Russian Sub, Oops, Dutch, er, Russian

October 20, 2014

Kursk mistakes haunt Russia

An update to the Russian submarine allegedly *cough* in distress in Swedish waters.

The Russians are saying it might possibly be Dutch.

No, seriously. Stop laughing.

Despite the Russians denying.  As in “deny, deny, deny”.  Despite their denials they are offering that any offending submarine might possibly, kinda sorta, no, really, belong to the Netherlands.

MOSCOW, October 20 (RIA Novosti) – An unidentified submarine currently being sought by Sweden in its territorial waters could belong to the Royal Netherlands Navy, a Russian Defense Ministry source told RIA Novosti on Monday.

“In order to ease tensions in the Baltic Sea and save the money of Swedish taxpayers, we would recommend searching for explanations from the Dutch Navy. Last week, a Dutch diesel-electric submarine Bruinvis was completing some practical tasks in the immediate vicinity of Stockholm,” the source said.

Source?  What source?  Is the source so sensitive they cannot be named?  So it’s not a Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation spokesperson.  Not a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation?  How about McDonald’s in Red Square, or is that still shut down?

When the receiver of a message is in Kaliningrad, Russia, it usually means the transmitter is also Russian. Are you saying the Swedes are lying now?

RIA Novosti, without a source, your report is without merit, without substance, without credibility.  Of course. Why start now?

Russia Messed Up

October 20, 2014

Russian media is full of headlines blaming the US for this or that. ‘The US was behind the coup in Ukraine’.  ‘The US manipulated the election’. ‘The US is manipulating oil prices’. ‘The US is using psychological warfare against…’. ‘The US…’  I see this “blame game” in Russian media, sometimes in the foreign press and in a ton of conspiracy theory sites.  About once a week I peruse through a few conspiracy theory sites, just to get a sense as to what really obscure piece of refuse is being used as a progenitor for some off the wall theory blaming the US administration for something.  Often this is picked up by the Russian press and they parade out a litany of looney-tune experts to prop up their wacky theory.

The problem I have is that anyone pro-Russian somehow believes that the US is manipulating Ukraine and the coup was organized by the US and somehow everything is orchestrated by the US.

For your edification, please look at the news-media (I had to delete the word newspapers).  I bring your attention to how screwed up the US is. Why in the heck would anyone think the US is organized enough to manipulate the world and especially Ukraine, so far off the beaten path? Look at the person our President chose to be the Ebola czar. Look at our air campaign against the Islamic State, finally they’re putting “boots on the ground” to give the campaign a chance of success. Look at this administration’s leaks, missteps and miscues and tell me again, how you think the US has some master plan, is capable of manipulating the mindset of entire countries and can “force” entire nations into an action completely counter to US interests?

Russia was fine, doing their own thing. We even praised Putin and Sochi (after the showers were fixed).

Then Russia had to mess it all up and grab Crimea, then Donbas. Russia actions drew our attention to Ukraine and to themselves. Now there is no getting out of it, our attention is fixed and focused. Russia messed up big time and now must pay the price for Putin’s grand obsession.

Russia is clearly at fault in Ukraine.  Russia recruited volunteers to go into East Ukraine and foment unrest, fight Ukrainian troops and were eventually replaced with regular Russian soldiers, who have died in the thousands.  I do not know who is manipulating Putin, but Putin’s Grand Obsession, to build another Russian Empire with him at the helm, is being fed misinformation.  Much the same as Russian media feeds bad information to the world and especially Russian citizens.

Putin messed up. Russia messed up.

Russian Separatists Shot Down MH17

October 19, 2014

MH17, shot down by Russian Separatists in Ukraine

The report from Germany is out.  Pro-Russian Separatists aka Russians shot down Malaysian Airlines Flight 17.

Malaysian Air MH17 Investigation Complete: “It Was Pro-Russian Separatists”.

Another title: Germany blames pro-Russian rebels for MH17 crash: Rocket that downed plane was fired from Buk missile defence system, says BND intelligence agency.

Malaysian Air MH17 Investigation Complete: “It Was Pro-Russian Separatists”

Germany Says Pro-Russian Rebels in Ukraine Downed MH17 With Captured Missiles

Germany blames pro-Russian rebels for MH17 crash: Rocket that downed plane was fired from Buk missile defence system, says BND intelligence agency

Spiegel: Review finds rebels shot down MH17 in Ukraine

Pro-Russian rebels using seized Ukrainian missile downed MH17 passenger plane, says Germany

The list goes on.  All the news sites of the Western world echo and mirror the same thing: Russian Separatists shot down MH17.

Now, I could stop here, like most Russian news sites.  Instead, I am going to show you an opposing opinoin.  Here are Russian lies. Amazingly RIA Novosti has nothing.

Russian Lies

Of course RT came out with a completely false title, proof of Russian lies: Germany’s intel agency says MH17 downed by Ukraine militia – report. I urge you to remember this, proof of Russian lies.

I give this about four hours before it disappears forever, Russia will remove any proof of blatant lies.  But don’t forget, someone, somewhere, is going to put this into an archive.

Wait, let’s put that here:

Germany’s intel agency says MH17 downed by Ukraine militia – report

Published time: October 19, 2014 17:47

The wreckage of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 near the village of Rassipnoe. The flight MH17 was shoot down on July 17, 2014 with 298 people on board.(AFP Photo / Dominique Faget)

Download video (27.84 MB)

Germany’s BND foreign intelligence agency says a local militia shot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine in July, Der Spiegel reports. The BND is said to possess “ample evidence,” though none of it has been made public.

The statement was made on October 8, when Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) president Gerhard Schindler was holding a secret meeting with members of the parliamentary control committee, the German daily reported on Sunday.

He claimed the militia fired a rocket from a BUK defense missile system which it had captured from a Ukrainian base. It then exploded next to the plane, according to the report.

“Schindler provided ample evidence to back up his case, including satellite images and diverse photo evidence,” the report added.

However, no “evidence” has yet been made public, and the BND has not made any official statements on the matter.

READ MORE: $30mn bounty set to identify who shot down MH17 in Ukraine

At the same meeting, Schindler reportedly said that certain intelligence on the crash provided by the Ukrainian side was false, adding that “this can be explained in detail.” However, he did not give much credit to Russia’s evidence either.

The German Federal Prosecutor’s Office told the newspaper that an investigation has been launched into unknown perpetrators under the possibility that the downing had been a war crime.

President of the German Federal Intelligence Agency (BND) Gerhard Schindler.(Reuters / Michaela Rehle)

President of the German Federal Intelligence Agency (BND) Gerhard Schindler.(Reuters / Michaela Rehle)

First deputy prime minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Andrey Purgin, refuted claims made by the German intelligence agency. He told Interfax that Kiev forces could have downed the plane, mistaking it for a spy jet.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was heading from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it was downed over eastern Ukraine on July 17, killing all 298 passengers and crew. Nearly two-thirds of the passengers were from the Netherlands.

The ongoing international probe led by the Dutch has not yet established who the perpetrators were. A preliminary report issued in September said only that the plane crashed as a result of structural damage caused by a “large number of high-energy objects” that struck from outside.

READ MORE: No haste in MH17 tragedy probe despite media hype, Lavrov says

Political analyst Aleksandar Pavic told RT that he believes Berlin is trying to influence the Dutch investigation – the results of which are to be released next year.

“Germany has now the obligation to show the evidence to the official investigation,” he said. “This is like during trial: if you release bits and pieces of evidence before while the trial is still ongoing, you are trying to influence the outcome of the trial.”

Russia has been repeatedly denied accusations, mostly from the US, which claim that Moscow was connected to the tragedy in some way or another. The Russian Foreign Ministry has called Washington’s accusations “unsubstantiated innuendos.”

The US State Department has accused Russia of firing artillery across the border into Ukrainian territory after the plane crash.

“We have new evidence that the Russians intend to deliver heavier and more powerful rocket launchers to the separatist forces in Ukraine, and have evidence that Russia is firing artillery from within Russia to attack Ukrainian military positions,” State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf told reporters during a briefing in July. But she refused to provide any evidence when grilled by an Associated Press reporter.

Meanwhile, Moscow has posed a series of questions to the US that have been left unanswered. Russian military officials urged their US colleagues to release satellite images that prove their claims.

Members of the recovery team work at the site where the downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashed, near the village of Hrabove (Grabovo) in Donetsk region, eastern Ukraine, October 13, 2014. (Reuters / Shamil Zhumatov)

Members of the recovery team work at the site where the downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashed, near the village of Hrabove (Grabovo) in Donetsk region, eastern Ukraine, October 13, 2014. (Reuters / Shamil Zhumatov)

“If our US colleagues have imagery from this satellite, they should release it for the international community to examine it in detail. This may be a coincidence, but the US satellite flew over Ukraine at exactly the same time when the Malaysian airliner crashed,” a ministry spokesman said in a July statement.

READ MORE:10 more questions Russian military pose to Ukraine, US over MH17 crash

The US has accused local militia forces of shooting down the plane. However, it has provided little to no evidence in support of such claims.

Following the crash, Harf was asked at a press briefing if the US could back up its claims regarding the role of such militias in the tragedy. Harf responded that she “can’t get into the sources and methods behind it” and “can’t tell you what the information is based on.”

In late July, the US State Department released satellite images via email, claiming the pictures acted as “evidence” that Russia was firing rockets at Ukrainian troops across the border. The images were posted on Twitter by the US ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt. Russia’s Defense Ministry said the authenticity of the images was impossible to prove.

Meanwhile, Russia has said that its military detected a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet gaining height towards the MH17 Boeing on the day of the catastrophe. No explanation was given by Kiev as to why the military plane was flying so close to a passenger aircraft.

The failure of the American operation, codenamed “Operation Barbarossa 2″

October 19, 2014

If you want a good laugh or a good Halloween chill, read this Russian propaganda piece.  Pure and simple shite.

“Reliable sources”.  That should be your first indicator.  If you can’t name your sources in a Russian article, it is probably fabricated.

Apologies, some of the words did not translate in my Chrome browswer.

Ran into an interesting material … What think?


It is learned from reliable sources on the sidelines of the summit, “Asia-Europe” Putin paid a pre-emptive strike on the plan of the American administration, the cooking in the heart of Europe in the post-repetition of Hitler’s “Operation Barbarossa.”

The idea of ​​this operation was born on the margins of American power immediately after the collapse of the USSR. It is exactly the same as in the Second World War, the former Soviet republics, starting and ending with the Baltic Georgia and the Crimea, were captured united European army under the leadership of Nazi Germany.

According to available information, the idea to continue the operation against a weakened Russia show the original White House administration (first Clinton and then Bush). United States military authorities, have begun to implement it.

In order to join forces in the fight against Russia was necessary to draw the former Soviet republics into a single plan of action and to subject them to the NATO leaders. Hence, the idea of ​​the emergence of a single belt aggressive governments in the former Soviet republics, and a plan of action for associate membership with the European Union and, of course, a series of orange revolutions.

It is clear that for the United States it was particularly important that in these republics came to power their puppets, which, of course, by a single team would carry out all the actions suggested by Washington.

It’s easy to understand the idea of the United States, if the control plan Barbarossa №1 and apply it like tracing paper on the current political map of Europe. Our eyes gaze at the picture, in which aggressive Poland and the Baltic states, pro-fascist sentiments Georgia and Romania take the central regions of the Russian Federation in a pincer movement. Through the central part of Ukraine and is preparing Crimea major blows in the direction of oil fields in the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus, as well as in the direction of the main industrial centers and communications in central Russia. And the most important step, as the first blitzkrieg was to begin in early summer or spring and end up exactly to cold (because the lessons of World War II combined European troops learned in full) .

But here and began surprises that priberёg for our American colleagues, Mr Putin.

Like everything was ready to conduct operations on the territory of Georgia, Ukraine, and on the territory of Moldova (where the power in the country is completely moved to the Romanian and the NATO leadership. remind management is carried out by the Moldovan troops from the Romanian General Staff. Moldova adopted a law border, according to which NATO troops are free to carry on the territory of Moldova with any military equipment and ammunition. Just opened the skies for NATO military aircraft flight over Moldova) , however, yet to launch a military operation in the Republic of Moldova, aimed against Transnistria failed to very important reasons.

As it turns out, intelligence Putin has worked to stay ahead, and thanks to all the well-known Mr. Edward Snowden in Russia was transferred the entire package of training operations “Blitzkrieg 2″, including a detailed plan for its beginning and implementation.

Thanks to this important information, Vladimir Putin was taking measures to neutralize the global threat.

And as the name of Snowden worldwide began to spread sensitive information, guide the United States was aware that such a powerful promotion Snowden means only one thing – in the most favorable time for Russia Washington’s plan will be presented to the public and will be the province of all mankind.

Putin’s pre-emptive strikes in Georgia and in Ukraine (including the return of the Crimea to Russia and delaying the start of the main phase of the operation) has led to the collapse of the world system of the Western world. Especially, that the United States and tried to implement a plan of action appropriate to their aspiration for world domination №2.

At the summit in Milan was the main thing warned at the time, Foreign Minister Lavrov – namely, Europe will have to make a choice: to be an enemy of Russia, or start the integration with the Eurasian space (alternatives today there is not anyone on the globe) .

Why Putin at the summit in Milan have sought a meeting with Merkel, and its various pretexts put off? Just because it was important to tell the Chancellor of Germany, as it is the United States, in the dark trying to use the Bundeswehr against Russia, and how had the Russians and Europeans to kill each other for the benefit of the hegemon seated overseas.

But as they say, it’s done – Merkel received the package a comprehensive plan for a war against Russia, the plan, which at any time may be published in the world media.

Putin made his major move in his career and, of course, rose to the occasion.

I am confident that the outcome of the investigation of an international tribunal in Nuremberg №2, country participants in the conspiracy against humanity will be punished according to the offense.

We believe that Poland and Romania, and the Baltic states, not vnyavshie lessons of World War II finally get what they deserve.

Humanity must be eradicated new shoots of fascism, and close forever in its history this fascist brown page. As for overseas monster and its satellites, this octopus is powered by the blood of all mankind, devouring its core resources and exploiting it mercilessly. Now, its time is over, the octopus defeated. His body decomposes and stinks, but very soon it will get its place in the dark past of our history.

Evgeny Kolesnikov, a political scientist, expert of the Center for Geopolitical Studies

Originally posted at

Russian Sub Sinks in Swedish Waters, Disputed

October 19, 2014

Yesterday I saw an article stating that a Russian submarine, possibly in distress, had been located in Swedish waters.  I pasted a link in a Russian friend’s page, stating I hoped everyone was okay.  Not surprisingly, that link is missing on his page today.  Gee, I wonder why?

According to a Swedish source (translated from the original Swedish):

Friday night signals intelligence once again intercepted radio communication. This time it was encrypted but it was possible to DETERMINE the position of the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter was situated somewhere in Kanholmsfjärden in the archipelago of Stockholm, and the receiver was situated in Kaliningrad, Russia.

I just had a Swedish friend confirm the transmitter is deep inside Swedish waters.  Kaliningrad, Russia, of course is in Russia, in the standalone Russian region of Kaliningrad Oblast.

The Guardian’s title is slightly more provocative: Sweden steps up search for ‘crippled Russian submarine’ making Mayday distress call off its coast.

Russia denies it has any submarines in Swedish waters, which would be the second major incursion into Swedish territory in recent times. Swedish military widen hunt for ‘damaged Russian submarine’, Moscow says all subs OK.

The BBC generated a rather factual report, Russia denies submarine incident off Sweden. If Russians claim the BBC is biased, this article clearly is evidence of good journalistic reporting.

What looks like a denial is actually a poke in the eye to Sweden, in an RIA Novosti article: Sweden can not confirm that its waters discovered submarine. “Cannot confirm” appears to be a key component of Russian reporting whenever Russians might be at fault. In this case it is sensitive Swedish signals intelligence, which may be time-consuming for the declassification process.  In the meantime, Russia can easily say “you can’t prove it, so it didn’t happen”. Shades of MH-17.

Bottom line, Sweden and much of the world strongly suspect a Russian submarine is in distress in an area in which it does not belong. If Sweden can prove it is a Russian submarine caught red-handed in Swedish waters, it will be an international embarrassment for Russia. Another embarrassment.  On top of another embarrassment…


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