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Coronavirus: Aberdeen collection to show impact on everyday life

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image captionVisits from grandparents were done through doors and windows
Members of the public are being asked to donate items showing how coronavirus has changed everyday life, for an exhibition in Aberdeen.
Photos, objects and documents are among the things being sought by Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums.
City residents are being asked to send details of any potential donations to, with a description of its importance.
Items should not yet be brought to Aberdeen Art Gallery.
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image captionSchoolchildren in Aberdeen had to cope with lockdown interest from pets in their schoolwork
Among the areas of interest would be how has working life changed; relationships with friends, loved ones and pets; the importance of outdoors; and photographs of daily exercise.
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Marie Boulton, Aberdeen City Council's culture spokeswoman, said, "The national lockdown and the recent Aberdeen local lockdown has affected every aspect of our lives, from our interactions with our families and friends, to how we are able to continue doing our jobs.
"This new collection will help future generations of Aberdonians reflect on the impact of Covid-19 pandemic. We want to represent the shared experience of our many communities in Aberdeen, collecting and safeguarding these items for the future."
Aberdeen Art Gallery is unable to take in physical donations at the moment and is asking donors to hold on to them for the time being.
People will be contacted and advised when they can bring items in.

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