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  1. Fact-checking Trump's claims about 'blue state' deaths

    Christopher Giles

    BBC Reality Check

    US President Donald Trump has said that Democratic-run states - known as blue states - are to blame for America's high coronavirus death toll.

    “If you take the blue states out,” Mr Trump said at a White House briefing earlier this week, “we’re at a level that I don’t think anybody in the world would be at. We’re really at a very low level.”

    He repeated a similar claim at a rally in Wisconsin on Thursday.

    “Take New York and some of these other Democrat-run states out of it, you’ll see numbers that are unbelievable.”

    The Democratic National Committee tweeted in response: “Covid isn't a red state or blue state issue.”

    Out of the five states that have the largest numbers of coronavirus deaths two are Republican-run "red states" - Texas and Florida.

    It's true that in the early stage of the outbreak states run by the Democrats like New York and New Jersey were the worst hit.

    But as the pandemic has progressed, Republican-led states have contributed a greater proportion of fatalities.

    The Washington Post has calculated that so far, 53% of deaths have occurred in blue states and 47% in red ones.

    It’s also difficult to compare states, because they've taken different approaches to locking down, and they have different demographic breakdowns, including on age, race and social class.

    Chart shows US states with most Covid deaths