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  1. Gallery reopens with nostalgic look at 20th Century icons

    Miles Davis

    A central London gallery is reopening its doors today after lockdown with a new photography exhibition which allows people to come face-to-face with the icons of the 20th Century.

    Blow-up: Icons up-close and personal has opened at the Iconic Images Gallery in Chelsea and features images of people like Brigitte Bardot, Miles Davis and Marilyn Monroe, captured by photographers includingTerry O’Neil, Janet Macoska and Douglas Kirkland.

    Audrey Hepburn

    The exhibition is described as being "a love letter to the art of photography" through a nostalgic look back at last century's icons.

    The gallery's creative director Carrie Kania said: “We wanted to celebrate the reopening of Iconic Images Gallery by launching a brand-new show highlighting some of the photographers we are lucky to represent and showcasing some of their iconic celebrity portraits.

    "From Audrey Hepburn to Paul Newman, Debbie Harry to Muhammad Ali – this show has it all.”

    The exhibition will run until the end of February

    Paul Newman
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    Video caption: 'Alien' barnacles washed up on Isles of Scilly
  3. Photographs reveal a very different London

    British Museum

    While you may think you many know many of London's iconic buildings well, Paul Campbell is offering a very different glimpse of them.

    The London-based photographer has spent the last five years going up in a helicopter to take pictures of the city from above.


    His works show Westfield with a snakeskin-like roof, while Cannon Street Station has a large garden above it.

    Campbell said: "For me, the greatest wonder of all is the unique beauty and design to be found on the rooftops of our architectural icons."


    He said his images were "very much an appreciation of the work of architects old and new to our great city," but added that it also "begs the question that perhaps architects design for the birds in the sky?".

    The photographs feature in his new book, Bird's Eye London.

    Cannon Street Station
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    Video caption: Chris Fox puts four of the latest phones to the test.

    Chris Fox puts four of the latest phones - including the iPhone 12 and Pixel 5 - to the test