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Your pictures on the theme of 'garden creatures'

We asked our readers to send in their pictures on the theme of "garden creatures". Here are some of the pictures sent to us from around the world.
image copyrightJohn West
image captionJohn West: "While I was cutting the grass earlier this summer, I noticed a snail in front of the lawnmower. I took this photo before moving it to safety."
image copyrightMilo Khey
image captionMilo Khey: "The bronze fennel in my garden attracts a variety of insects. Taken today, a praying mantis looms over a small bee. Moments later, the bee flew off and the mantis continued its vigil."
image copyrightJenny James
image captionJenny James: "Hoverfly, a helophilus pendulus (totally had to look that up) on a garden pond in Wirral this June."
image copyrightRichard Hughes
image captionRichard Hughes: "This spikey tortoiseshell caterpillar matches really well in the aging holly leaves. I definitely need some thicker gloves for clearing the holly leaves but will make sure to leave the nettles nearby by to keep these butterflies coming back."
image copyrightIan Bannerman
image captionIan Bannerman: "A baby hedgehog exploring the long grass in our Oxfordshire garden."
image copyrightMadhan Kumar
image captionMadhan Kumar: "Restricted to my home in Bangalore during one of the strictest lockdowns worldwide, I had no choice but to photograph the critters in my home garden - and was surprised to find that our small lily pond, which borders a local lake, attracted approximately 10 species of dragonflies and damselflies, of which the Crimson Marsh Glider is the most colourful."
image copyrightDavid R. Lillington
image captionDavid R. Lillington: "This photo was taken in July 2020 in our garden in Rolling Hills, California. The slug was enjoying an over-ripe peach that had fallen from a tree in our garden."
image copyrightJudith Lamie
image captionJudith Lamie: "The (overactive) spider."
image copyrightSam Whitaker
image captionSam Whitaker: "As I was clearing under the arch at the end of my garden, I got the feeling I was being watched! This pigeon has found the perfect nesting spot, well-hidden and only a stone's throw from the bird feeders!"
image copyrightYolanda Valenciano
image captionYolanda Valenciano: "I am an amateur photographer and like thousands of people during the lockdown, I started taking pictures of nature on a daily basis. This colourful creature turns up as an uninvited guest to my garden party."
image copyrightIzzy Fry
image captionIzzy Fry: "A swallow taken on a fence in Devon."
image copyrightCarolyn DiFrancesco
image captionCarolyn DiFrancesco: "So lucky to call this little kit one of my garden creatures. They return every year, last year there were eight kits, this year only three."
image copyrightClaire Buske
image captionClaire Buske: "The huge Inukshuk is guarded by a protective circle of muskox. These garden creatures are completely created and sculpted with various plants. This garden creation celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary in 2017, was located in Gatineau, Quebec."
image copyrightJeremy Diamond
image captionJeremy Diamond: "We watched this little guy (my four-year-old son insists it's a boy) grow up from a baby in our modest little garden in Kobe, Japan. He has recently hatched from his chrysalis and is now flying free in a nearby park."
image copyrightOllie Bacon
image captionOllie Bacon: "I bought my camera about three months ago and have found wildlife photography to be my favourite type of photography so far. It's nice to spend time with nature, and wildlife photography poses many challenges for the photographer. I enjoy the fact that you need to be very adaptable in the moment."
image copyrightLauré Turmell
image captionLauré Turmell: "A baby hummingbird found in our backyard this summer that decided to fly from the nest located in our sycamore tree. I wouldn't have seen it had it not been for the mother that nearly accosted me, warning me that I was too close to her darling baby. The cute little thing stayed on the chain-link fence, being diligently cared for by mama bird, for two days before growing strong enough to venture further."
image copyrightGabrielle Turnecliff
image captionGabrielle Turnecliff: "Startled by the state of this robin as it landed on the fence in my garden, I soon realised it was only drying off after its daily visit to the bird bath."
image copyrightVerna Evans
image captionVerna Evans: "Caught in the act! A squirrel making a getaway through my garden."
The next theme is "My summer" and the deadline for entries is 1 September 2020.
Send pictures to or follow the link below to "Upload your pictures here".
Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme, you take the picture" at the bottom of the page.
All photographs subject to copyright.

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