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    Video caption: Covid-19: Stormont's key coronavirus moments

    A look back at some of the key moments in Stormont's coronavirus press conferences since they began in March.

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    Video caption: Covid: Isolating couple left frustrated by broken TV

    Sue and John Burley found it difficult to get someone to fix their television.

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    Video caption: COVID-19: The students at school in a pandemic

    Students in Hartlepool talk about what it's like going to school during a pandemic.

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    Video caption: Covid-19: Fast testing allows family care home visits

    Fast coronavirus tests are being used in some care homes to allow family visits to restart.

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    Video caption: Covid: How I found a stranger to tend my loved one's grave at Christmas.

    Travel restrictions meant Jason in Scotland and Christine in England couldn't visit family graves.

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    Video caption: Adoption: Dad feels 'very lucky' after embarking on fatherhood alone

    Very few single men adopt each year - the numbers are in "single figures" in Wales.

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    Video caption: Covid lockdown: New Forest cookbook connects generations

    Jonathan Oldfield was inspired to collect recipes by his great-grandmother’s World War Two cookbook.

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    Video caption: Domestic abuse: 'He would push, shove and kick me out of bed'

    "Beth" was placed in a women's refuge but fears victims will not currently feel able to escape.

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    Video caption: CEO Secrets: 'I sell smoked salmon on top of my day job'

    Andrew Woodhouse feared for his job in corporate events, so developed a business selling his own smoked salmon.