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    Video caption: Covid: Tennis gives children 'a bit of normal life back'

    Outdoor sport for people with disabilities is allowed in lockdown and is a lifeline for families.

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    Video caption: 'My campaign outperformed non-disabled influencers'

    Disabled influencer Pippa Stacey says "brands are beginning to see our value".

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    Video caption: Jo Whiley welcomes vaccine prioritisation for people with learning disabilities

    The body which advises the government on Coronavirus vaccines says everyone registered as having a learning disability is now eligible for a jab.

  4. “Мы больше, чем наша инвалидность”. Как бразильянка без рук стала восходящей звездой балета

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    Video caption: Как бразильянка без рук стала восходящей звездой балета

    “Я научилась не сдаваться. Не ради себя, а ради людей, которых я вдохновляю”, – говорит Витория.