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    Video caption: Using tech to prevent car theft in Cameroon

    A Cameroon startup is using mobile and satellite communications to track down stolen cars.

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    Video caption: Some common concerns about electric cars explained.
  3. Your comments: Much love for the Mini Metro


    We have had hundreds of comments from you about your Mini Metros as we mark the car's 40th anniversary.

    The first model was designed in just over six weeks and they rolled off the production line at Longbridge, Birmingham.

    Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher behind the wheel of a Metro at the NEC Motor Show in 1980

    Among the comments today on Facebook:

    Nigel Bee said: "I had an F-reg MG Metro in British racing green, red seatbelts and 'bucket' front seats. Loved the car. Oh, the days you could fill the tank from empty for less than ?15! I went miles in it."

    Sue Thomas added: "I was working for British Leyland at that time and the employees were able to cast a vote on the name from a choice of three - Match, Maestro and Metro. Obviously Metro won the poll at that time although the Maestro name did subsequently reappear for a different model range."

    Barbara Carpenter posted as well: "My first car was also a Mini Metro - I decided to upgrade when the gear stick fell through the floor!"

    Angie Kilmister typed: "I had a white Metro MG turbo - it was like driving a tank, no power steering but it went well. My gran had to pay ?750 because she wanted a black one. She had one of the first Metros, I think it was a W-reg - I thought she was so posh."