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    Video caption: Start with clients 'at the bottom of the fishtank'

    Recruitment boss Richard Spencer-Percival says "start off at the bottom with your clients, then you can pick off the big game".

  2. How lockdown bolstered my business

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    Video caption: How lockdown bolstered my business

    With many small businesses collapsing due to the pandemic, here's one which did the opposite.

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    Video caption: New Forest teenager designs clothes shopping app

    Rebecca Mabbett, 19, came up with the idea after finding clothes she bought online didn't suit her.

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    Video caption: What Thomas Cook staff are doing one year on

    A year after the collapse of travel firm Thomas Cook, we see how two of their former flight attendants have rebuilt their lives.

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    Video caption: 'It’s OK to make losses early on'

    The co-founder of Beans Coffee Club says it’s OK to make losses when you start your business, but make sure it’s money you can afford to lose.

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    Video caption: Teen entrepreneurs’ top business tips

    Two young businessmen who started their ventures when they were at school share their advice on how to sustain your business during the pandemic.

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    Video caption: CEO Secrets: 'I learned toughness on a farm'

    Tarek Sultan, the CEO of global logistics firm Agility, discusses a formative experience from his youth.

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    Video caption: Selling a new tea: "Get the liquid on the lips"

    Selling kombucha tea: “Getting the liquid on the lips was the most important challenge”.

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    Video caption: 'Don't take knockbacks as insults, l learn from them'

    Ready meals maker: "don't take knockbacks as insults. Learn from them."