Coronavirus: Son waves to dad after 'prepare for worst' warning

Waving from across a river, a father has been reunited with his son for the first time since he was diagnosed with coronavirus.

The Principality Stadium in Cardiff, the home of Welsh rugby, is now the Dragon's Heart Hospital and 86-year-old Peter Tozzo is one of those being treated on the transformed pitch.

On the Fitzhamon embankment side, his son Simon Tozzo spoke to him via a nurse's phone.

Peter, who has dementia, had been at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff when he was diagnosed with Covid-19, before he moved to the field hospital.

Simon said his father just got "better and better" after doctors told them to "prepare for the worst".

Seeing his father for the first time in 13 weeks, in the shadow of the stadium, Simon said with a chuckle: "He was never a rugby fan so I'm not sure if it has any bearing for him."