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The King of Russian Conspiracy Theories

July 30, 2014

The story of MH 17 actually being MH 370 and launched into Ukrainian airspace with dead bodies on board – is still alive.

Apparently someone forgot to tell that this story is eligible for ‘stupid story of the month’.  Even more unbelievable is that some people in the Kremlin are still pushing this story.  Why?  I suppose somebody is hoping that Alex Jones and pick up the story.  But seriously folks, ANY theory other than the truth is probably going to be thrust upon us as a distraction.  To whom?  To those who believe the stories generated by the Kremlin’s propaganda machine, disinformation mechanism and lie factory.

So, without further ado, here is the “Doozy of the Day”, courtesy our friends in the Kremlin.

Here is an English translation, using my Chrome browser.  Spelling errors were in the original.

“Downed near Donetsk” Boeing “- hoax fascist American authorities”On the eve contact with the author of the scandalous investigation, claiming that fell near Donetsk missing in March, “Boeing”.

While a transcript of the flight recorders “Boeing”, was shot down over Donetsk, experts around the world continue to voice their own version of what happened. Website of U.S. veterans of the army and intelligence “Veterans Today” (Editor’s note, see note below) published a series of articles, the essence of which is that in Ukraine fell still missing in March another Malaysian “Boeing” and this operation – “false flag”, akin to the September 11 attacks of 2001. eve . RU Contact our journalist Harold slave , he explained his position and drew an analogy with several other high-profile events in the U.S., which were involved in the U.S. secret services.

Poster “VeteransToday” found inconsistencies in the story of the fall of the Boeing near Donetsk. In particular, the publication suggests that the disaster was the party plane missing in March this year.

(Editor’s note:   

Veterans Today is known for promulgating some of the most outrageous anti-Israel and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, and Press TV has been providing a platform for its contributors and other American anti-Semites, conspiracy theorists and Holocaust deniers for years.

Anti-Defamation League in response to theory that Israel was responsible for Sandy Hook mass shootings[1] )

So, “VeteransToday” notes that according to the tracking service FlightRadar-24 aircraft, the flight in Kuala Lumpur was canceled before “getting into the rocket.” Flight cancellation could afford to replace the plane – instead nevyletevshego fake plane could break. Also, the authors believe that the passengers could really be dead, but the plane was driven by technology drones. (I suppose the passengers who actually boarded had no say in the matter, same for the families?)

Boeing-777, Ukraine, wreck | Photo:

In particular, the “Veterans” pay attention to the perfectly preserved room on the tail of the crashed plane – “MRD”.”The tail fell perfectly for photography, especially as observers to see exactly what it is MRD and should not be confused with the MRO, disappeared in March” – the newspaper notes.  (Editor’s note: the tail was furthest away from the SA-11 missile ).

In addition, veterans pay attention to how clean the luggage scattered on the tarmac. He was not burned, not soiled and smeared with blood. Window at missing in March, “Boeing” on archival photographs soldered metal plate, whereas the 9M-MRD it was open. The plane that crashed near Donetsk, window soldered.  (Editor’s note: I believe a plane, when it explodes at 33,000 feet, spreads far and wide and an object must come in contact with fuel or blood to get marked. Also, almost everything fell in a field).

Columnist “Veterans Today” Stu Webb believes that about 3 months ago MH-370 landed at Diego Garcia (editor’s note, from Wikipedia: “The United States Navy operates Naval Support Facility (NSF) Diego Garcia, a large naval ship and submarine support base, military air base, communications and space-tracking facility, and an anchorage for pre-positioned military supplies for regional operations aboard Military Sealift Command ships in the lagoon.” What are the chances someone from there saw a 777, arguably the most famous plane in the world?” one of the largest U.S. military bases in the Indian Ocean, but was later taken to the Ukraine, where he planned to use in the operation under “false flag “as a pretext for war.

missing Malaysian Boeing | Photo:

Stu information, along with fotodokazatelstvami makes sense in connection with the emerging reports of frozen bodies and bodies that already showed signs of decomposition. The plane had to be filled with bodies, that all seemed convincing and real. (Editor’s note:  contrary to weather on the ground, it is usually freezing at 33,000 feet). 

On the eve able to contact the author of articles by Harold slave, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and participated in combat operations in Vietnam. According to him, if it is a substitution of aircraft and passenger lists, in an age of electronic data to make such a substitution is quite easy.

With the help of blackmail, bribery and physical threats bankers-fascists around the world can replace or delete virtually any information that is transmitted in digital format. Experience plane crash on September 11 in New York, most clearly demonstrates the possibility of manipulating lists of passengers and mounted video. Key to success in these black operations is to control the media by the Nazis, so these issues will never run out , “- explains slave. (Editor’s note: use of the term Nazi and “black operations” are normal in many conspiracy theories [see Alex Jones]). 

As an example, he mentions the story of juggling numerous facts during the attacks of 11 September 2001. (Editor’s note: Again, see wacko theories and Alex Jones).

David Ray Griffin Writer wrote 10 books about September 11, but no book was based on data media or government sources. Researchers public sources, such as Griffin and others unraveled data manipulation, but the fascist U.S. Department of Justice has never will not investigate their findings , “- said the veteran. (Editor’s note: Again, see wacko theories and Alex Jones).

September 11 terrorist attack | Photo:

As for the remote control of the aircraft, then, according to the Slaves, technology-by-wire aircraft control system has been used for 15 years. (Editor’s note: According to Slaves, who cannot be located with Google).

Yes, drone technology could easily be used to control the airliner. “Boeing -777″ is equipped with an interception management. It seems that any plane that strayed off course, is controlled by means of technology drone pilot, who was sitting at the computer on earth “- he said.

Boeing, Malaysia, the DNI, the displacement rate corridor | Photo:

In general, Harold slave sure that the whole operation with “Boeing” was conceived as a special operation of U.S. intelligence and a “false flag” – this term refers to the covert operations undertaken to convince the public that they are carried out by other organizations or states. Thus, under a false flag operation carried out during the war. (Editor’s note: Again, note the use of US intelligence.  Anything complicated can ONLY be done by US intelligence, yet all our failures are blamed on US intelligence – I wonder why?).

“Remember that the military exercises in Ukraine – Rapid Trident 2014 took place during the tragedy of the MH17. Much of what is reported in the media, it has become a kind of” regurgitation syndrome “that had been planned months in advance of NATO for war games in Ukraine in July 2014. Most of this – “fantasy fun”, including strange opinions that apply to polarize public opinion against Putin “ – draws attention to the expert. (Editor’s note: Again, see wacko theories and Alex Jones. Military exercises are not used as cover stories, especially near combat areas).

Note that the exercise Rapid Trident tested in Ukraine every year since 2006. Officially it is the US-Ukrainian exercises, but in fact, participate in them soldiers more than 10 countries. In particular, in the exercises, which were to be held in the second half of July, intended to participate division Bulgaria, Denmark, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Spain, Canada, Latvia, Poland, Romania, the USA, Turkey, Czech Republic, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia , Moldova and Ukraine. Term exercise was postponed “due to events in the Southeast,” but planned for many months – the first meeting was held in January, before the coup in Kiev, which was the starting point for the current criminal and military mayhem.  (Editor’s note: Murphy’s Law: If anything can go wrong it will go wrong. Don’t you think someone would notice this kind of operation with 10 nations in close, very close proximity?).

(Editor’s last note: Okay, I’m tired, no more Editor’s notes.  You get the point this whole thing is a fantasy made up by some Russian with entirely too much time on his hands and probably smoking dope. Yep, he’s been smoking dope for a loooooong time.)

military exercises, Baltic Host | Photos: Kaitseväe peastaap

“Pilots – supervisors who allegedly were MH-17 north through the hostile fire in the band could easily act on the” script “military exercises with Ukraine, while MH-17 was under the de facto control of the drone pilot, having nothing in common with the control tower. But we have no credible evidence that the MH-17 actually existed or was shot down.’s all a grand illusion “- suggests an American, stressing that” Putin and his wealthy supporters know very well that the MH-17 – it is a hoax. “

Slave convinced that the downed airliner operation – is not the first and not the only intelligence operations with the killed civilians and, in particular, with a large number of child casualties. As an example, he cites the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012.

In 2012, in the U.S. state of Connecticut conducted an operation under the “false flag”, known as “Sandy Hook” when the gunman killed a man schoolchildren. But in fact, the incident was a complete fraud when predefined events proved. Many researchers have found that Web sites to raise money for children who died were created a few days before the alleged massacre. Moreover, the officials refused to provide death certificates for deceased children, who were later seen in public places during matches of American football “- emphasizes the expert .

Another evidence came recently when it was discovered the “script” disaster exercise planned at the time of the massacre at Sandy Hook. This fake flag was manipulation of public opinion to confiscate firearms from American gun owners , “- adds a slave.

U.S. school children, Adam Lanza, shooting | Photo:

Recall that during the events in Sandy Hook, according to the official version of the 20-year-old man suffering from mental disorders, armed with a rifle “XM15-E2S” production “Bushmaster”, a 10-mm gun “Glock 20 SF”, 9-mm pistol “SIG Sauer P226 “, the gun” Izhmash Saiga-12 “, shot his mother, 20 school children 6-7 years and six adults, including the headmaster, and then shot himself. However, many journalists and experts, leading their own investigations pointed out that in this case the mass of inconsistencies, and accused the secret services of organizing terrorist attacks in some countries, including Israel. This, in particular, the authors wrote “VeteransToday”.

It makes no difference how much “evidence” exists. fascists control the media and messages. They successfully deceive most people most of the time, while some of us continue to dig up the facts to inform the innocent and wake up “- sums Harold saves.

Russian aviation experts, in turn, were skeptical of the arguments of American veterans.

Missing plane has the equipment, documents – technical, procedural, etc. In this particular case, too much evidence that this plane all the time radar surveillance was carried out, will not disappear and could not, as the “Flying Dutchman”, to appear in Holland and suddenly appear over Kiev – complete nonsense. So here it is necessary to think about why it’s all done. I think that Americans simply slip idiotic information in order to close their tracks because it is believed that this plane (missing in March “Boeing”) is located in Guam (island in the archipelago of islands Mariinsky Theatre, where there are large naval and air bases of the USA – approx. On the eve.) In short, it should not even comment on , “- commented On the eve American version of the vice president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Air Force Colonel Vladimir Anokhin .

With that version with the substitution of an airplane looks stretched, agrees independent aviation expert and former Deputy Minister of Civil Aviation, Honored Pilot of the USSR Oleg Smirnov . However, in his opinion, the story of the remote control is quite likely.

This is a very interesting question, which we are professionals, we raise over the last decade, when the government is encouraging the development of domestic civil aircraft. Today we have 95% of the fleet – foreign production. Where national security? Now that advances in computer technology, it is enough to implant plane in the chip, which is so small that it is not under the microscope considered, and at the right time to give a command via satellite, and this chip will do everything there is mortgaged. And there may be inherent to the wing came off, the engines can stay in flight maybe energy or refuse any device – whatever. I call it a controlled crash “- explainsto Nakanune.RU expert.

| Photos

According to him, such a controlled crash and could cause the disappearance of the same side “Malaysian airlines.”

There are so many dashing aside from America, so stupid that they repeat for Ukrainian leaders and the president, they repeat this nonsense intentionally. Not whether hiding behind this desire to hide these things here that are not public? And unmanned operation is possible, there is no problems. Modern programmers do it easily in the presence of on-board computer, and each has a modern aircraft in its configuration computer and not one “- said Smirnov.

Suppressive Commenting

July 30, 2014

Suppressive Fire.

According to Wikipedia, it is defined thusly:

In military science, suppressive fire (commonly called “covering fire”) is “fire that degrades the performance of an enemy force below the level needed to fulfill their mission. Suppression is usually only effective for the duration of the fire”.[1] It is one of three types of fire support, which is defined by NATO as “the application of fire, coordinated with the manoeuvre of forces, to destroy, neutralize or suppress the enemy.”

As a former Infantry Officer, I would have machine guns lay down suppressive fire, firing our machine guns into enemy positions to keep their heads down and prevent return fire.  This allowed my soldiers to maneuver into a position to better engage the enemy.

This morning I was describing how paid commenters, hired by the Russians, work.  They would present factoids that uphold their side of an argument, I am guessing they did it to reinforce other pro-Russians.  Certainly it was not to convince anyone to change sides and take their position because all too often their logic was so far out of whack as to be almost humorous.

If their facts and arguments were not effective, they would begin to attack people with opposing viewpoints vociferously.  It felt like suppressive fire.  If I opposed any paid commenters I would suddenly receive fact after fact after fact, fired in my direction.  Usually these facts were copied and pasted from the latest talking points.  These facts supported the argument at hand.  Then, if that didn’t work, they would use what is called a red herring, facts about an issue removed from the current issue, in an attempt to distract me or derail the argument.  Then, if that argument didn’t work and I so rudely continued pressing the issue, they would engage in personal attacks.  Ouch, how gauche.  It became obvious after a little while that this was going to be standard procedure, so I just accepted it.

Let me recap the situation.  I would engage in a discussion about something having to do with Ukraine and Russia and would encounter numerous pro-Russian paid commenters.  As soon as I was recognized as “he who does not agree” I would receive “suppressive comments”, and as I continued, it became withering fire in an attempt to overwhelm me.  Part of this can be directly compared with infantry combat.  As I would engage the main commenter, his comrades would engage me as well, usually with different factoids.  I now had my attention split between two or three and then more commenters, gradually increasing to a point where I could not possibly engage every argument with the clarity it deserved, and my “resistance” was overwhelmed.  In a shouting match this is known as being shouted down.  In American football this is known as “piling on”.

This is a tactical term, used down in the trenches of comments in discussion groups in Facebook, LinkedIn,VKontakte, LiveLeak, Washington Post – any number of places that allow comments.  To what end?  My guess is the Russians are attempting to mute counter-arguments to their perspective and to reinforce their position within their target audience, the Russian and pro-Russian population.  MH 17, according to the Russians, was brought down by Ukraine.  Any other position receives “suppressive comments”.

Words Fail. The World Against Russia.

July 29, 2014

After countless discussions with pro-Russians on multiple forums, I have come to the realization that words do fail.

No.  I do not mean that I expect to change the opinion of a pro-Russian on Facebook, in a Ukrainian discussion group.

No.  I do not mean that I expect to change the opinion of a pro-Russian on Liveleak, in a comment section for a pro or anti-Russian posting.

No.  I do not mean that I expect to change the opinion of a pro-Russian in the comment section of the Washington Post, or anything other media site.

No.  I do not mean that I expect to change the opinion of a pro-Russian on RT, RIA Novosti, ITAR-TASS or anyone else on the numerous Russian media sites which are bought, paid for and sanctioned by the Information Warfare experts in Russia.  Oh, and by the way, good job, but you still suck.

I mean Vladimir Putin.  President Obama, PM David Cameron, Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Petro Poroshenko, you’re wasting your words.

President Obama, thank you for putting better and stronger sanctions in place.  That’s a good start but still not enough.

Herman Van Rompuy, Martin Schulz, of the EU.  Thank you for putting stronger sanctions in place, but you can do better.  The time is for action, not worrying about gas for EU countries.

The time for words is over.  Sanctions must be stronger and equipment supplied to Ukraine must be plentiful.

The Information War for Ukraine has taken on a whole new look.  Russia, you need to go down.  You need to choke on your ilk.  You need to feel the pain of exceeding the limits of acceptability.  You need to pay.

Suffer, Russia.

Russia/Ukraine Information War of 2013/2014 – I Need Your Help

July 28, 2014

We’re now seeing thousands of Russians being encircled in Ukraine, escaping back into Russia, or being killed. In my opinion, many were in place in ~March/April, when demonstrations began in East Ukraine and then when the takeovers began later.  I would like to establish who is in overall charge of this operation.  Who is in charge of the Information Warfare aspects of this operation?  Is it the same person?  Office?  What was the timeframe for putting the plan together?  Was this plan being executed during the Sochi Olympics as a cover or did it go into play after the games were over?  How were the information warfare aspects of this planned and executed? Contingency plans?  Quick reaction plans?

‘How’ did Russia get so many Russian ‘volunteers’ in place without us noticing? By car, train, truck, bus, tour groups, other? Is the border that porous? Were bribes used extensively? Did anyone notice? Were any warnings given? I saw one Twitter notification of someone hiring, does anyone have a copy? Did anyone see other advertisements?  Please share!


How did the Russians bring weapons into Ukraine?  Explosives?  Are the border guards in Ukraine that incompetent/corrupt or is the border that open that hundreds of military vehicles can come streaming through without the world screaming?  Are that many of the Ukrainian border guard personnel that pro-Russian that part of the Russian plan would assume their cooperation?  Or are they just Russians wearing a Ukrainian uniform?  Was there any vetting process for Ukrainian recruits ensuring their loyalty to Ukraine and not Russia?  Is that even possible?  Is that even practical?

Are the people of Russia, Ukraine, UK, US, Germany, Romania, Moldova and everywhere else that malleable, naive, stupid, or complacent that it can be part of a plan that they will not realize they are being lied to, straight to their face?

I just established a Pinterest board about the 2013/2014 Ukraine/Russia information war and put hundreds of pictures in it, trying to portray all sides – staggeringly different perspectives ( As I search for pictures and descriptions of the Ukraine/Russia Information War, I am struck by the bizarre developments in the Euromaidan in 2013, the possible cover of the Sochi Olympics, the eruption in February 2014 in the Maidan in Kyiv, the steamroller takeover of Crimea and the uprisings and attempt to do the same in East Ukraine.

I am struck by the sheer incompetence of so many individuals on such a massive scale, the refusal to act by so many, the lack of options, the sheer audacity of some, the absolute boldness of the Russian tactics, operations and strategy, the impudence of others, and the screaming insolence overall.   I am reminded – constantly – how differently Russians think from Americans and how our perspectives can be so completely opposed, faced with exactly the same facts.  I am struck by the Ukrainians themselves, torn by so many different factors, families torn asunder.  By some accounts thousands have died, but the information warfare aspects have skewed the facts, we may never know anything close to the truth.  Even now, as the pro-Russians are in a panicked retreat by some accounts, Russian sources reinforce their successes and invulnerabilities and cite all the Ukrainian losses.

I need your help

Please send me links to your favorite articles about the Russia/Ukraine Information War of 2013/2014.  I want different perspectives, not just pro-American, I also want Russian, Ukrainian, German, UK, Swedish, Chinese – everyone’s.  Links to pictures showing “a” truth and different perspectives would be helpful.  Your stories.  Your pictures on Pinterest.  Tell me what you are seeing, feeling, hearing and know.

This whole situation has moved so bizarrely for so long that, if properly written, the history of this entire operation will be almost unbelievable.

Is Dmitry Kiselyev Gay?

July 26, 2014

Dmitry Kiselyev, head of Rossiya Segodnya

In a twist of fate, rumors are circulating that Dmitry Kiselyev, head of Rossiya Segodnya (translates to Russia Today, not to be confused with RT), is gay.

Not that I personally care, being secure in my masculinity and very straight.

A close associate, recently returned from Moscow and St. Petersburg, where he worked advancing the LGBT agenda.  What he did had to be very closely protected, as anti-gay laws are increasingly harsh and severely enforced.

During his stay in Moscow several people mentioned that Dmitry Kiselyev was reportedly gay.  Knowing that I regard Dmitry as the head propagandist of Russian “commercial” media, my friend gently probed to get more answers. Few details were uncovered during his investigation, but some gays in Russia regard him as ‘gay friendly’.

Dmitry Kiselyev is publicly known for his homophobic stance, so I was shocked to hear this disclosure and then read this Reuter’s article: “Meet Vladimir Putin’s homophobic, vitriolic, charismatic master of propaganda“.

My friend went to three gay clubs in Moscow, Club Propaganda, the 12 Volt Club and Central Station Club (which closed shortly after).  He said it was dangerous to visit these clubs, as one of the owners left and requested asylum in the US and there have been numerous incidents of violence against gays. Remarkable was the police response time – none.

I would not have published this article had not a second friend, who is straight, previously confirmed hearing the rumors while working in Moscow during the Sochi Olympics.

Indeed, Dmitry Kiselyev and his homophobic attitude are strange bedfellows.  Pun intended.


July 25, 2014

Wikipedia defines Maskirovka like this:

Maskirovka is a Russian word (Маскировка) pertaining to the business of military deception. Although the word is sometimes translated as ‘camouflage‘, this belies its much broader meaning that includes all measures, active and passive, designed to deceive the enemy, which includes: concealment (skrytie), imitation using decoys and military dummies (imitasiia), manoeuvres intended to deceive (demonstrativnye manevry) and disinformation(dezinformatsiia) The Soviet Military Encyclopeadia defines maskirovka thus:

‘The means of securing combat operations and the daily activities of forces; a complexity of measures, directed to mislead the enemy regarding the presence and disposition of forces, various military objectives, their condition, combat readiness and operations, and also the plans of the commander … maskirovka contributes to the achievement of surprise for the actions of forces, the preservation of combat readiness and the increased survivability of objectives.’

Let’s look at the Ukraine/Russia border. There is a British term, shite, and it perfectly describes the tactical situation there.  There is nothing strategic about what these folks are doing. The rebels are getting their butts pounded but the Ukrainians are paying the price with big equipment losses.  Things are slowing down, the Russians are attempting to put more equipment into the hands of the rebels and reinforce with regular Russian troops, but they can only do so much.  The Russians are doing airdrops into a few areas.  But, overall, the tempo is slowing down…  into what I am calling a strategic pause.  Sure, combat is still going on but there have been no major movements in some time.

Then a few things hit me today.

Five most famous military provocations of the Western world.  This was posted today by a Russian information warfare expert.  I immediately thought that the MH 17 shootdown, but that wasn’t good enough.  Then I saw this: Terrorists made provocative attack of the territory of the Russian Federation from mortars, – the National Security and Defense Council.  Russians firing onto a Russian village.  Then another manufactured provocation: 45 Ukrainian shells hit south Russian village.

Consider this.  In the past few weeks we have seen reports of Russian “Peacekeeping” forces only a few kilometers from the Ukraine.  Here, Putin announces he may send in Peacekeeping forces into Ukraine.

The Russians will most likely move “Peacekeeping” forces into Ukraine and create a buffer zone, expanding outward so that another autonomous zone may be created in Ukraine, under Russian control.   Maskirovka.  Invasion disguised as peacekeeping.


Pro-Russian Separatists Admit Losing

July 24, 2014

Aleksandr Borodai

Scruffy looking Aleksandr Borodai, the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic leader, says ‘We will stand till the end’.  That is a lot of bravado for such a little man who seems to delight in looking bad.

Bordai compared the defense of Donetsk to the Battle of Stalingrad (23 August 1942 – 2 February 1943), although I believe he has his facts confused.

The Nazis attacked Stalingrad for five months, the German army there was finally surrounded by Soviet forces.  When no ground reinforcements or resupply was possible, the Germans attempted to resupply those forces by air.  When the final two airfields were taken by the Soviets, the German’s fate was sealed, 110,000 of the Nazis surrendered.  Of those, only 6,000 were ever returned to Germany.

Perhaps Borodai believes he is like the Soviet army, who prevailed.  But Donetsk is surrounded by the Ukrainian Army, he is better compared with the Nazis who were surrounded.  Perhaps that is an appropriate comparison then? Okay, bad joke, but he deserves it for rolling his eyes during a CNN interview.  Butthead.

Most of Stalingrad was destroyed and about 10,000 Germans continued to resist the Soviets, going underground to fight.

Finally, it’s about time the rebels admit they are losing.  A classic envelopment is likely, according to this map.

The Russians are making feints, as if they want to outright invade Ukraine, here, and the Russians continue to fire across the border, here.  From all appearances the rebels are getting their asses kicked but they continue their bravado.  The only good news is that if they are all killed, the chances of a continued guerilla war is minimized.  The only way the rebels can possibly win is if Russia invades, then it is no longer a rebel fight, but a conventional state on state war.  Ukraine would surely lose but the world would never forgive Russia.  In the end, Russia loses either way.

Look for Russia to provocate something, somehow, somewhere, to help them gain sympathy in the eyes of the world.




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