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An Independent Siberia?

September 1, 2014

There is a movement afoot for an independent Siberia.  

Poppycock, you might say, but when 60 to 70 percent want more autonomy from Russia and a full 25 to 30% want complete indendence from Russia, this is a significant number. 

But herein lies the rub.  Russia is currently pushing for an independent state to be created in Ukraine.  Previously Russia backed Crime to back away from Ukraine.  Russia urged that South Ossetia break away from Georgia.  Russia supported Abkhazia to gain autonomy from Georgia.  

But Russia will not allow Siberia to even ask for a vote for autonomy.  Attempts to merely have a show of support for Siberian autonomy have already been suppressed by the Russian authorities. “Russia bans Siberia independence march” indicates there is stronger support for an independent “Republic of Siberia” than previously known.  

C’mon, Russia, let Siberia have a vote.  I see your people in the Kremlin are pushing for an independent Scotland, how about you allow the same for Siberia.

More Russian Disinformation

August 31, 2014

Ukraine Today, a new pro-Ukrainian news source from Ukraine, is being spoofed by a webpage originating inside Russia.  The YouTube video, entitled “Kremlin infowar targets TV news channel Ukraine Today”, shows how Ukraine Today has become the latest target for Russian information warfare.

Beware Russian fakery.

Neo-Nazis join Russian Forces

August 31, 2014

I was stunned to read and view this report from Ukraine, from Ukraine Today.  They readily admit they are Neo-Nazis and others refer to them as Neo-Fascists.

What will the Russian propagandists do now?  They’ve been calling the Ukrainians fascists, now the Russians are the same!

Before you think that Neo-Nazis are only joining the Russian side, check out this video.  “Neo-Fascist Mercenaries From Europe Fill the Ranks of Ukraine’s Army Azov Battalion”

Incontrovertible Proof

August 31, 2014

Incontrovertible Proof.

Incontrovertible.  Not controvertible; not open to question or dispute; indisputable.


Proof. Evidence sufficient to establish a thing as true, or to produce belief inits truth.  2. anything serving as such evidence: What proof do you have? 3. the act of testing or making trial of anything; test; trial: to put a thing to the proof. 4. the establishment of the truth of anything; demonstration.

  • Orange Revolution.
  • Anti-protest law.
  • Maidan Nezalezhnosti. Майдан Незалежності. Snipers. FSB. GRU. SBU.
  • Yanukovych. Poroshenko. Putin. Lavrov.
  • Merkel. Obama. Cameron.
  • Crimea. Cossacks. Tatars.
  • Green Men. Men in green. GRU. Russian Naval Infantry.
  • Pro-Russian separatists. Terrorists.
  • MH17.
  • Convoy of humanitarian aid.
  • NovoRossiya. New Russia.  Donbass.  Donetsk/Luhansk. East Ukraine.
  • Nazis.  Fascists.
  • Bandera.
  • Ukraine. Russia. EU. NATO. US.
  • Last but most important.  Media. Propaganda. Lies. Misinformation. Disinformation. Obfuscation.  Public diplomacy.

There was, is and will be little or no incontrovertible proof in ANY of these issues.  If Poroshenko were to declare the sky blue, Putin would say it is azure, indigo or aquamarine.  Russia is always right, just and upright; Ukraine is always correct, fair and honest.  At the same time, the other side is deceitful, unjust and morally indecent.

Photographs can be photoshopped, so can videos.  Eyewitness accounts are suspect.  Reporters stories are only as reliable as the news sources and that means they are not reliable. Even if the most reliable person in the world says something, their word can always be branded speculation, biased or that they are a paid troll, be it Russian or otherwise (although I really don’t know of any others).

Incontrovertible proof usually comes from a body which is trusted by both sides.  Unfortunately it is not NATO, nor is it the SCO. It is not the United Nations.  It is certainly not the media. It is not the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine, the FCC nor the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)State Civil Aviation Authority of Russia (SCAA) or the European Aviation Safety Agency but since MH17 was a Malaysian airline, the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia is taking the lead. When the final results are released from the investigation, however, the results will certainly be disputed.  I can reliably predict the same in almost every aspect of this crisis.

We have accusations of warcrimes; of breaking the Geneva Convention, we have accusations in many, many different areas.

There is a saying that history is written by the winner.  In this conflict, however, there will be two different kinds of winners.  Someone will win on the ground and one will win in the court of public opinion.  Therefore, there will never be a true winner.

I say again, there will never be a winner.  Everybody will lose. 

Obama, Merkel, We Are Ticked

August 31, 2014

President Obama, Chancellor Merkell, you have succeeded in making WAY too many people angry with you. Or, as my father said to me once, “You dissapoint me*”, his worst admonition.  

President Obama, you ruled out military aid to Ukraine, as in lethal aid, “Obama Says Ukraine Doesn’t Need U.S. Military Aid“.  Your only saving grace is that you also said “an invasion by Russia would raise “a different set of questions.”

German Chancellor Merkel, you were shortsighted when you said “Germany’s Merkel: EU gives Russia 1 week to scale back Ukraine intervention or face sanctions“.  

You both messed up.  Badly.  It is time to rethink your very recent statements, reverse your decision and start injecting lethal aid to Ukraine to fight Russia, implement immediate near-fatal economic sanctions against Russia and consider punitive measures for Russian forces being used against Ukraine.  

Personally, I like fuel-air bombs, Javelin missiles, RADAM and FASCAM and lots of them. 

By the way, if anyone reading knows of a way that I can go and assist, please let me know?  I have a bunch of friends ticked off enough with these two leaders who are willing to go to Ukraine to help.  I’d like to lead the way.  My rucksack is already packed.

*after I ‘borrowed’ the family car at the age of 15.


Google will help Ukraine deal with the Kremlin’s propaganda

August 31, 2014

Google will help Ukraine deal with the Kremlin’s propaganda

Originally published at: 
Publish: August 29, 2014, 07:24
Last updated: 29 August 2014, 10:50
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 Valentin Nalyvaychenko

Security Service of Ukraine reached an agreement with Google Inc. to jointly fight with the Russian secret services, who are constantly spreading propaganda network in the Kremlin and sow panic among the population. This was on August 28 at a press conference, said the head of the SBUValentin Nalyvaychenko , the press service said.

It is reported that Russian special services specifically through social networks, spam and SMS messages are trying to intimidate the citizens of Ukraine and sow panic and hurt them.

“18th Special Center of the Federal Security Service of Russia in social networks, via e-mail and sms-messages with Facebook purposefully three days sends texts panic nature , with a view to provoke panic, “- said Nalyvaychenko.

He said that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has already agreed on this with Google, and will soon be taken to unlock channels on Youtube and when other resources that are blocking the Russian Federation, because they illuminated objective information about the situation in Ukraine.

Nalivaychenko added that Russian security services as well to help journalists, in particular its propaganda channels Lifenews and “Star”.

August 28 the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting unveiled a list of journalists and television executives of the Russian Federation, which may be denied entry into Ukraine.

Earlier in one of the private presses Kiev Security Service of Ukraine seizedcopies of printed materials separatist and extremist. More than 2 thousand copies just printed newspaper “working class,” the police took off straight off the assembly line.


Second UKR Vessel sunk by Russian Air Force

August 31, 2014

Breaking News.  A second Ukrainian vessel has been sunk by Russian Air Force. 


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