“Besides – added Shoigu – aviation perform flights to simulate the near the state border.”

According to the Head Office, in a military operation against civilians in the south-east of Ukraine Ukrainian troops acting group of more than 11 thousand people, it uses 160 tanks, more than 230 infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, at least 150 guns, a large number of aviation.

“The situation in Ukraine is a major concern. On April 22, the new Ukrainian leadership began the so-called active phase of operations in the south-eastern borders of Ukraine . Already there are human victims, “- ITAR-TASS quotes words Shoigu.

He said that “against civilians are National Guard units and battalions of extremists” right sector “(Kharkiv, Slabozhanets), initiated the formation of the battalion” Donbass “. Crackdown civilians carried redeployed in Donetsk and Lugansk special forces soldiers Ukrainian Security Service and Interior Ministry “, – said the head of the military department.