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China blocks Instagram to Suppress Demonstration News

September 29, 2014

The real story: China is blocking the fact that such large crowds are protesting Chinese oppression. It is not to protect the people. Now read the official government description of why Instagram is blocked:

“Chinese authorities have blocked Instagram to stop spread of videos and photos, which feature Hong Kong police using tear gas against peaceful protesters. Many of the photos, which depicted harsh and imprudent use of force by the police, were posted through the social media application with the hashtags “‪#‎OccupyCentral‬” or “‪#‎OccupyHK‬”.”


Hong Kong says riot police have pulled back as protesters jam city streets“, the video on this story shows the enormity of the crowd and truly describes the significance of the demonstrations.

Responding to Hong Kong police using tear gas, the demonstrators not only regrouped, they multiplied.

THIS is what Russia and China fear: protests, popular uprisings.  This is why Putin is enacting government control of the internet in times of state crisis.  China shut down Instagram, to control how news travels.  This is what the cybersecurity body of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization proposed to the UN, to allow the state to shut down the internet in time of a state crisis.

Russia is watching closely as China deals with their internal crisis, a mass demonstration.  China has taken the initial step of restricting access to Instagram, time will tell how closely the internet is throttled down, suppressed or turned off completely.  We may see cell phone access restricted as well.

This is about China but the world is watching.

Good Video showing Russian Involvement in Ukraine

September 29, 2014

The video says it contains proof, but as has been apparent this entire crisis, proof is difficult to obtain.

This video, however, lays out some fairly good facts and observations which should at least convince someone to question Russian versions of the situation.

If the statements, as translated, really are admissions of Russian involvement and guilt, please let me know.

Lenin Statue in Kharkiv Toppled

September 29, 2014

The real people of Kharkiv have spoken, they do not like Lenin, so they tore down his statue.

My gut feeling, as is most reports that I have read, is that many people in Kharkiv just do not like and do not trust Russia or Russians.

Several hundred people gathered in Kharkiv’s Freedom Square on Sunday night and cheered as the monument came down.

I happened to be chatting with a Russian when this happened, his immediate retort was that Lenin hated Russians. I responded with “If Lenin is so anti-Russian, why is his tomb in Red Square?”

This report from KyivPost contains multiple videos.

Many, many reports are on the internet, just drop Lenin and Kharkiv into Google and be prepared to be overwhelmed.

In case you are confused that this is an anti-Lenin demonstration, it is actually an anti-Putin statement.  The protestors were shouting “Bye Vlad”, meaning Russian President Vladimir Putin here.

News Agency Kharkov, however, states the statue will be restored.  After a quick review of the site, I would probably be accurate to assume this site is grossly pro-Russian.

The people have spoken, dear Comrade, many of the people in Kharkiv do not like Putin.  Putin huilo?

Piss Poor Russian Misinformation

September 26, 2014

Bob Beck, Co – Host of Extreme Outer Limits TV and Watlington Outdoors Pro-Staff Member.

Today a Russian friend posted a link to an article: “Shoot People on Your Vacation! War Tourists in “Human Safaris” in Ukraine.“.  The implication is that “a” company is running “safaris” into Ukraine to hunt Russian separatists.  My first thought was “Cool, how can I sign up?”

I realized it was bogus, the language was so much like Russian propaganda I had to stop from spitting out my coffee.  Get a load of this:

According to this captured fighter from the neo-Nazi punitive battalion “Azov”, EU citizens are fighting on the side of Ukrainian troops as “war tourists”.  The foreigners, usually right wing extremists, participate in a kind of “safari” where they can hunt people.

The author, Damir Marinovic, uses the right words to be classic Russian propaganda:  neo-Nazi and punitive.

Then the article is accompanied by a picture. This is what initially caught my attention so I went to Google Image and, voila, up popped the picture.  C’mon, Russia Insider, you can do a better job if you’re going to rip off pictures from another site and imply it’s one of yours.  Russia Insider is also implying that this is an actual picture of some rich Westerner who is paying to “hunt” pro-Russian separatists.

You know something?  That’s not a bad idea.  Here is a suggested target list.  Are there limits?  Is there a minimum size?  Oh, they’re not wearing rank, so I have to bag them all? Easy, squeezy. 

Islamic State to Target Russia and China

September 25, 2014

In a Russian language article on, “Thierry Meyssan believes that these changes indicate that over time, NATO intends to use the “Islamic State” against Russia and China.”

The article was recently cited by a Russian official in the Kremlin, so I read the article.

The article does a historical review of how ISIS, ISIL and Levant came to be and, without any supporting evidence, says:

It becomes apparent that over time “the Islamic State to expand its activities in Russia and China, and that the two countries are the ultimate goals.

There is no doubt that the new NATO will hold a joint operation. Its aircraft will replace the jihadists in Iraq, and they will settle in the Deir ez-Zor. CIA will provide money, weapons, equipment, and information “moderate Syrian revolutionaries» (sic) of the SSA, which after they will change shape to be used under the banner of the “Islamic State”, as happened in May of 2013.

Thierry Meyssan, ‘it does not become apparent’ to me, please show me how the Islamic State intends to expand its operations to Russia and China?  Because, perhaps, through the process of elimination you are the only two countries remaining?  Perhaps, through the domino effect, Russia and China are next?  I don’t know, it is not so apparent to anyone, please spell it out?

How can aircraft replace jihadists?  If that were the case, your preceding scenario would be having aircraft attacking Russia and China and not jihadists.

I’m curious, the CIA has supplied many groups with “money, weapons, equipment and information”, but they seldom can be controlled by the CIA, why would the jihadists, who are religiously and ideologically driven, suddenly become driven by money?

I think the author needs to rethink and reevaluate the basis for his arguments.  Yes, Russia and China need to be worried about the Islamic State, but not because of the CIA.  The Islamic State may or may not be defeated in Iraq and Syria.  If the United States and the coalition of nations arraigned against the Islamic State fail to contain that threat, then Russia, China and the rest of the world have a great deal to worry about.  That threat will never be US lead or controlled.

Conspiracy theory often?

Conspiracy Theories R Us

September 25, 2014

It has often been expressed that Russians are so overwhelmed with conspiracy theories that the plain truth is abhorrent, repulsive even.

So it is in a news report out of Russia, in  Yes, the .su is the country code top-level domain out of the old Soviet Union.

Here is a copy of the entire article (translation from the original Russian, courtesy my Chrome browser):

West leads the hidden war in 134 countries at the same time. This coups, support of foreign mercenaries, diversion and removal of the most influential leaders in the target. List is very long. At the same time the war in the usual sense of the word USA are today only in 5 countries – Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. But even these wars began on the orders of the President and without the consent of Congress.

Cleaning up the translation a little bit: ‘The West is conducting covert war in 134 countries at the same time.’  Immediately I am suspicious because there are only 196 countries in the world, 195 if you consider Taiwan is not considered a country by many.  There are 54 countries in Africa, approximately 50 in Europe, about 48 in Asia, 12 in South America, 7 in Central America, then Australia and a smattering of island nations.  If the initial statement is to be believed, in MOST of the countries in the world are part of ‘Western’ coup plot.

“foreign mercenaries, diversion and removal of the most influential leaders in the target”.  Of course, the foreign mercenary of choice for Russia is to cite Blackwater, which became Xe, then Academi.  Of note, during Crimea, Russia began citing the number of Blackwater employees in Crimea, which turned out to be a total fabrication.

Diversion.  Of note, just naming Blackwater was a diversion; these men in green soldiers turned out to be Russian Naval Infantry.  There were a total of ZERO foreign soldiers in Crimea, but Russian sources continually cited foreign soldiers in Crimea.  This is now a terrible known and overused deception and diversion, it did not work.  It did add to the confusion for some.

Removal of influential leaders in the target.  Looking at Donbas, this is what ‘Russian volunteers (another diversion) targeted first, replacing them with dubious characters.

“List is very long.” In my experience, this indicates the writer is either making up the facts, is too lazy to list the actual countries or believes the article is too beneath his character to bother documenting.  Or perhaps a combination of all three?   Evgeny Novikov, what sayest thou?

I believe this article serves as an accurate but simplistic template for what Russia did in both Crimea and Donbas, so it wouldn’t surprise me at all for the Russians to accuse others of doing the same thing elsewhere.

After all, Russians love conspiracy theories.  Conspiracy Theories ‘R Us.

Thank you, UAE!

September 25, 2014

Thank you, UAE!

Thank you for bringing a female pilot to the fight against ISIS.

You are leading the way, in much of the world, in showing that women are capable and competent, in all fields.

I stand in admiration of your bold resolve, in your leadership and your committment to reducing the threat to peace and stability.

Major Mariam Al Mansouri is the first woman to join the Emirati Air Force—a dream she has held since she was a teenager.  She graduated from the academy in 2008 and now serves as a squadron commander, piloting F-16 fighter jets.

Al Mansouri, 35, is the first woman from an Arab nation to fly a mission– dropping bombs on Sunni terrorists.

The United States and five Arab allies, including Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, launched a series of airstrikes against ISIS targets inside Syria.


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